Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Review

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ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Review – Packaging and Bundle

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ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Review – The Board

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ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Review – Bios and Software Dissertation Consultation Services Gmu

As expected, ASUS provide a mouse and keyboard compatible BIOS interface on the Z170 Pro Gaming. It allows us to tweak all of the key aspects of the board/components and ASUS add functionality such as enhanced fan control, easy RAID setup, USB BIOS updates and even the ability to secure erase our SSDs.

z170-pg (10) prosoft


Also present in the BIOS is an EZ Tuning Wizard which walks us through options for the components we have installed, allowing us to easily get the maximum performance available. As far as software goes, we have a couple of applications we mentioned earlier such as Sonic Radar 2 and GameFirst 3 for audio/network tasks. ASUS also include RAMCache which intelligently caches our games and apps to ensure minimal load times. Added to that we have AI Suite 3 which allows us to monitor and tweak our board from within Windows.

ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Review – Performance

Test systems:
i7-6700K, Z170 Pro Gaming /Z170A GM7, 2x8GB DDR4-2666 (Corsair)
i7-4790K, Z97, 2x8GB DDR3-2666 (Corsair)
i7-5960X, X99, 4x8GB DDR4-2800 (Corsair)
FX-9590, 990FX, 4x8Gb DDR3-2133 (Corsair)

All with:
Windows 10
GTX 980 Ti OC
Corsair H100 Series Cooler
Corsair AX1500i PSU
Samsung 850 Pro SSD (SATA Testing)
Plextor M6e (M.2 Testing)
OCZ Revodrive 350 (PCIe Testing)
And Samsung T1 SSD (USB Testing)

On a Dimastech EasyXL Test Bench with the BenQ BL3201 4k Display



asus-z170-pg-review-cinebench-OC asus-z170-pg-review-3dmark asus-z170-pg-review-memory asus-z170-pg-review-satar asus-z170-pg-review-pcie asus-z170-pg-review-m2 asus-z170-pg-review-dota2r-igpu asus-z170-pg-review-music asus-z170-pg-review-bfh

ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Review – Conclusion

Starting with the build quality of the Z170 pro Gaming we have a board which, as expected, offers a high level. We get durable, quality components such as capacitors, plenty of protection items such as ESD guards on the IO area. ASUS go with good quality parts for key components such as their audio controller and that Intel GB LAN port. In terms of design we love the black and red colour scheme, the matt PCB looks great and the LED lighting enhances the overall design. The port and slot layout is good, for example ASUS leaving a gap underneath the main 16x PCIe 3.0 slot to allow for dual slot coolers and it is nice to see the M.2 slot placed away from the PCIe’s so that the majority of users will have easy access to it after the system is built.

The software solution provided by ASUS is very thorough and all free which is great. The BIOS too impresses with all the functionality we expect set out in intuitive screens. Nice extras like easy secure erase, raid setup and overclocking all help the end user maintain and get the best from their components over time.

That brings us to performance where the Z170A Pro Gaming manages to outperform the fastest  board we have tested (so far) from the competition. Looking back it also regularly edges ahead of the ASUS Z170-A board we previously reviewed. As far as overclocking goes, the board offered complete stability with our i7-6700k at 5.0GHz on liquid cooling.

Performance Award

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  1. Kerry Neighbour

    I recently bought this board, and it is the worst one I have ever had. The specs might be ok but the BIOS is something awful. I spent problably 15+ hours trying to get the board to work. Usually it take me no time at all. It is still a bit weird (in that I don’t trust it), but after talking to ASUS Support (pretty helpful) and updating the firmware at least 3 times, I now have a working system.

    Multi monitor support is flakey. OC is pretty lame. My 6700K only OCs to 4.2 gigs. In my opinion, a waste of a lot of money – and I will be looking to MSI or Gigabyte (or others) next time.