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Corsair Strafe Review – Conclusion

Starting with the build quality of the Strafe we have a nice solid feeling keyboard. In a way we kind of miss the brushed metal of some other Corsair models however they have in no way significantly reduced the strength of the body. As well as the solid construction with decent textured finish the board also has a decent weight which means it sits nicely on our desk and we very much like the little touches such as textured spacebar (and alternate keys) which add a feel of quality to the board. If there is one area which could be improved (and it is a common issue on mechanical boards) it would be that on keys which have multiple symbols, the lighting isnt even across each. For example on the 8/* key the 8 is well lit, the * isnt… Corsair could fix this by moving the 8 to the top left corner of the cap, the * to the top right.

As far as the software goes. We’ve said it before but CUE has some issues with how intuitive it is. Basic functions are fine but try to get a little more in depth (such as messing with your own lighting effects) and some guess work is required. We do like the nice simple update process for firmware, the detailed macro options and responsiveness though. Support is also good with a decent forum community and 2-year warranty.

So that brings us to the typing experience which is the Strafe’s high point. On the basic level, all the key options are just a button press away (media, lighting, Win lock) and the board is compact without any complication from spurious extra or misplaced buttons. The keys are “key” though… and as always Cherry MX models don’t disappoint. Perfect resistance, accurate across the entire board and responsive. Ideal.

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