Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Review – Conclusion

From a purely geeky point of view one of the highlights of the product appearance is the side panels as watching them vibrate with the bass is cool. The Roar 2 is much more than just some fun, retro styling though and on the connectivity front it offers a lot. We’ve got PC, Mac, smartphone/mobile device, aux and PS4 connectivity… playback from SD card, voice recording, call functionality all built in and then even quirky little extras like bedtime mode which will gradually reduce audio levels and turn off after up to 30mins. Or the ability to charge our phone/tablet from the device if needed. The Roar 2 also offers audio feedback, for example explaining via a built in voice what mode is active however its a bit annoying/wastes time and we turned that feature off…we do also find it a bit odd that Creative don’t offer an Android/iOS control panel for the Roar 2, they do on other products.

On the performance front, our only significant problem was the distance we could make it from the speaker without signal loss. If for example you think you will be able to play music from your phone in a pocket and walk away to do some housework while still listening, or pour a drink in another room at a party, forget it…even in the average building. So we’d have liked to see the latest Bluetooth tech make an appearance here to ensure maximum range of signal however for those who want to stay within 10 paces of the Roar 2 there should be no issue. Voice calls were perfectly clear on both ends of the conversation which was great and we were pleased to hear an enjoyable, clear, powerful experience from movie playback with nice vocals when watching Youtube streams too.

For music playback, everything worked well. The standard profile offers decent bass and nice clear highs. We did like the overall feel which was created by the Warm Sound profile in the software control panel too. TeraBass will likely be the least used profile in our opinion, though it does noticeably enhance the bass in environments where pure volume may not be appropriate. Roar mode is nuts… for such a small speaker and when you enable maximum sound through using it on the mains, the volume on offer is surprising. Easily enough for a decent sized gathering in a large room while offering playback that has minimal distortion even at the products limits.

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  1. How is it for gaming? Does it provide only stereo support or anything else, virtual surround etc?