Saturday | October 1, 2016
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Mionix Castor Review (Mouse)

Mionix Castor Review (Mouse)

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Mionix Castor Review – Conclusion

The design and build quality of the mouse itself is also good. The Mionix note that the rubber/soft touch coating is four layers thick which should make it durable and the finish on our sample was flawless. We very much like the contoured right side which was very comfortable for palm grip and the angle of the left side was near perfect for our hand with that textured rubber giving a decent grip. The mouse weight is also good, a nice light mouse overall and the braided cable with gold USB is always a nice thing to see.

As far as daily use goes, the software provided by Mionix looks decent and is intuitive to use. Everything is set out fine and while it was easy to read on a 1920×1080 screen, the interface text could have been a bit larger so as to remain easy to use on 4k. The mouse itself was great in day to day tasks. Light as we mentioned above and offering nice low friction movement. Speed was more than adequate for all our needs and we noticed no issues with various surfaces. All rated 90% or above on the bundled surface test, backed up by accurate tracking and lift off in our testing. We were also pleased with the feel of the mouse buttons with just the right of pressure required for action on both the main buttons and the thumb buttons.

Summary: A well rounded mouse which offers good comfort, a high level of build quality and top notch sensor performance.

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