Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Roccat Nyth Review

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Roccat Nyth Review – The Mouse

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Roccat Nyth Review – Software

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For a lot of manufacturers that level of functionality would be enough but Roccat go the extra mile, offering compatibility with Alienware lighting, mobile connectivity (work in progress), cloud compatibility and automatic update checks.

Roccat Nyth Review – Conclusion


Highly configurable mice are nothing new in the gaming market, for example Razer’s Naga or Mad Catz RAT series, however they are always fun to play with. The Nyth is no different. Looking at the overall design first we are more than happy with the body shape and weight. This is a chunky mouse for sure and in our opinion the wider of the two grips suits it best, giving a nice resting place for our third finger and a bit of grip on the side from our smallest digit. The majority of the surfaces are soft touch and the little lip below the thumb area is a nice addition, again giving a resting point.

We are not huge fans of the top fin, either on this or the Tyon. Its a little awkward to activate for our liking compared to traditional buttons. A solution looking for a problem to solve more than anything else. The thumb area is a success though with its plentiful selection of alternative options and layouts. Our only minor issue is that Roccat should have made the blank panels soft touch too, offering a bit of grip on that side for those who want it. Having said that, it is a cool idea that Roccat will support 3D printing for alternate buttons.

As far as performance goes, we had no issues in our testing. The Swarm software was receiving regular updates during the review process and from day one it worked perfectly with Windows 10. The new sensor is responsive, tracks well on hard and soft surfaces and offers a huge range of configuration which is always ideal. Changes to the mouse settings were applied/active instantly and the software showed no lag when used.

Summary: Well built, chunky but comfortable, hugely configurable on a hardware and software level and some top notch sensor performance.

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