Thursday | September 29, 2016
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Corsair Void RGB Wireless Review

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Corsair Void RGB Wireless Review – Conclusion

In terms of setup, we just plug in and the headset is ready to go. No pairing required. Once that is done we install the Corsair software (which requires a reboot) and the headset is good to go. It can be used while charging and the software is fairly simple in most places. We still feel that Corsair need to work on providing a decent range of pre-set LED profiles and working on how intuitive creation of settings is but all the basic options work fine.

As far as performance goes we continued to be impressed by the Void. The mic offered nice clear communications with our contacts and picked up minimal background noise. For listening, the basic profile has a nice neutral balance and each option past that has notable differences in sound. One of the most interesting example of how configurable the sound is was when we switched from stereo to dolby mode while watching a group discussion on YouTube. The virtual surround mode worked very well, in fact I found ¬†myself removing the headset to check if the software was buggy and had instead sent our sound back through to the screen’s speakers. It hadn’t, it was just an incredibly realistic sound field being produced by the Void. Moving to music we found the Void offered a decent experience, plenty of bass when required, clear vocals and crisp as required. There were no issues with distortion/clipping and overall the lows, mids and highs were balanced well. Movies offered us a good experience with plenty of power to the explosions, cracks to gunfire and vocals which sounded natural. Gaming on the headset only enhanced those aspects with the Void able to offer an immersive experience and the virtual surround adding an easy to use wider sound field, for example ideal for pinpointing team mates and enemies in a FPS map.

Summary: A quality all round headset which offers good wireless performance. We still think Corsair could make their software more intuitive but the features are good and the headset built to a good standard.

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