Saturday | October 1, 2016
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Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up

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Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – The E5 Write Narrative Speech Thesis Documentation For Ordering System

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – The ZxR

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Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – X7

Like the idea of the ZxR but don’t want to open your PC to install it? Or fancy the cool bluetooth/NFC functions of the E5 but really wouldn’t carry it around with you. Then the X7 gives you the best of both products in one cool package.  Review Link.

“On the performance front the X7 excels. The choice of components used by Creative is excellent with the pre-installed Op-Amps providing a clean, warm sound with exceptional detail. These can of course be easily swapped out by accessing the panel on the base and the experience tweaked for your needs. Outwith that the sound quality will be determined by the users audio devices. Be safe in the knowledge though that, especially in the gaming peripheral arena, the X7 will ensure that your audio experience is class leading. It is also worth noting nice little options like being able to game and then quickly tap the control panel on a tablet or phone to tweak settings without needing to exit what we are playing.”

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – Roar 2

creative-sound-blaster-roar-2-review-speaker internal-roar

A common aspect of recent Creative products has been their wide range of functions and the ROAR 2 continues that. Yes it is a bluetooth speaker but its so much more too… including a voice recorder and portable battery. Review Link.

“From a purely geeky point of view one of the highlights of the product appearance is the side panels as watching them vibrate with the bass is cool. The Roar 2 is much more than just some fun, retro styling though and on the connectivity front it offers a lot. We’ve got PC, Mac, smartphone/mobile device, aux and PS4 connectivity… playback from SD card, voice recording, call functionality all built in and then even quirky little extras like bedtime mode which will gradually reduce audio levels and turn off after up to 30mins. Or the ability to charge our phone/tablet from the device if needed. “

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – Draco HS880 and Jam


Our final items for this roundup fall into two categories… the first is the Draco HS880 which is a fairly standard but good quality headset. Plug it in and go. Ideal for a gamer who doesn’t need any fancy features. You can read about it here.


And finally, its the Creative Sound Blaster Jam. We’ve not actually reviewed this but have been playing about with it over the last while. What is it? It’s a lightweight on ear wireless headset for PC/Mac and Smartphone (Android/iOS). It uses bluetooth and NFC with a talk/play time of 12 hours and has buttons built in for answering calls or controlling playback. To us, it solves a great problem…kids. We’ve lost count of how many headsets our children have gone through, mainly because of the wire/connector being broken rather than the headset itself. Connect this up to their tablet/PC and you should be good to go for significantly longer… just remember to have them charge it every so often!

Just one more thing…

If you want to win a Sound Blaster Roar 2, check out our competition over here.

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