Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Lian Li Announces the PC-TU300 and TC-01 Trolley

Lian Li Announces the PC-TU300 and TC-01 Trolley

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Dual 120mm filtered air intakes are on the bottom panel; one rear 120mm fan, and two filtered removable 120mm fans exhaust out the back and top panels respectively. The PSU also grabs air from the floor intakes and expels it out a clever vent on the side panel. Following the age-old adage – “hot air rises” – this will keep every component cool and operating efficiently.

http://gastrolux-canada.ca/national-service-argumentative-essay/ National Service Argumentative Essay The PC-TU300 is designed to build a system with minimal tools. As this is a portable case, the PCI cards are screwed in. However, every possible part uses thumbscrews or tool-free fasteners. The PCI cover and drive cage are attached with thumbscrews; the drives slot into their respective bays with no tools. The side doors use lever mechanisms to pop open, each lockable with a thumbscrew. The fan filters also clip in and snap off for easy cleaning.

http://www.vlatkahorvat.com/?learn-how-to-write-an-essay Learn How To Write An Essay Despite its small size, The PC-TU300’s clever layout offers enough space for a 300mm VGA card, a CPU cooler up to 160mm tall, and a PSU up to 160mm long. A full ATX-size motherboard fits neatly inside. The hard drive cage and PSU are mounted in the front of the case to minimize its height and width. The PC-TU300 can contain up to two 3.5″ drives in its removable hot swap HDD cage with space enough to tuck in an additional 2.5″ drive. There is a slim external ODD drive bay on the top front panel. There is plenty of room behind the motherboard tray for cable management.

The PC-TU300 will be available in the US in early October in two variants: the PC-TU300A for $229.99 USD and the PC-TU300X for $249.99 USD.

Help With Writing Homework Product Features of the PC-TU300

•Full ATX motherboard support in a portable chassis
•Ruggedized walls and side panels
•Side panels, drive bays and PCI expansions slots use tool-free design
•Sturdy handle and optional luggage-like trolly wheels
•Bottom-to-top thermal solution
•Accommodates full size enthusiast components
•Hot swappable tool-less drive bay
•MSRP: PC-TU300A $229.9 USD, PC-TU300X $249.9 USD
•Availability: Early October in the US

For more information, visit the product page.

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