Friday | September 30, 2016
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Razer Mamba 16000 DPI Review – Conclusion

The Mamba has its origins in an era where Razer pretty much perfected the basic shape of the gaming mouse. It and the DeathAdder were two great, comfortable products, so the new Mamba has some strong foundations. (As a side note, for those keeping track from previous reviews, our original DeathAdder is still going strong… now into its 8th year and still used on our main benching PC!) The shape is good, ideal for claw or palm use. The finish is flawless with nice grip from the side panels and the weight gives the Mamba a nice chunky, but not heavy, feel.

Looking around the mouse the LED lighting works well, its nice and bright with the only minor disappointment being the lack of lighting on the Razer logo. Button placement is good and we still very much like the fact Razer allow us to use the mouse wired, or wireless. As far as battery life goes, we had no issues. Razer note 20 hours, we hit around 17 before needing to think about recharging and that took just a couple of hours to complete.

On the software front, no complaints. This is the same Synapse control panel we have used for a while now and it works well. The screens are intuitive, the functionality good and one panel can control various Razer devices which is always nice.

As far as the new features go, the variable buttons work well, allowing us to tweak for our needs but they could have been implemented better. Requiring a specialist tool (and a very tiny one) is just going to result in people loosing the ability to tweak as their tool gets misplaced. A simple flat head screw would have done. On the sensor front, the 16000 DPI sensor is ridiculously fast when at full. Most users are probably not going to go far above 12500… at least that’s where we started to notice our accuracy dropping off. Tracking was flawless throughout our testing.

Summary: A nice evolution of the Mamba. Good software, solid hardware and excellent performance.

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  1. M0nk3m4n

    Something tells me the only way to see the difference on something this crazy is side-by-side tests. I still use a 1300 dpi mouse, i couldn’t possibly need anything more precise or fast. Sometimes I think the tech world’s just bored. lol