Saturday | September 24, 2016
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The New Xbox One Experience Launches In 10 Days

The New Xbox One Experience Launches In 10 Days

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Calcium Sparks Dissertation 2.Friends: You can easily see which friends are online, see the games they are playing, and invite them to join your game. This is the default section of guide that first opens. In game, you will be able to check your friends’ status up to 10x faster.
3.Party: You can easily start or manage a Party, which can now include 12 active participants, making it 3x as fast to start a party and 6x faster to join a party while playing a game.
4.Messages: Easily access all of your messages and group text chats via the new guide – starting November 12.
5.Notifications: Your Notifications will also be included in the guide and we made improvements to group your Notifications together by type, separating social notifications from game-related notifications from the developers.
6.Settings: We’ve redesigned Settings based on feedback to make the most commonly used items easy to access.
7.Snap: Easily snap an application, like achievements, from the guide.

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