Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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XFX AMD Radeon R9 380X Review – Performance

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XFX AMD Radeon R9 380X Review – Conclusion

In terms of performance, at the price point AMD is pitching the card, it performs well. The closest comparison from NVIDIA at the moment is their GTX 960 (the 4GB, OC models) and in the vast majority of games the 380X comes out on top as far as framerates go. The 380X does draw more power though and there are compact versions of the 960 available which might appeal to some. We also don’t quite understand why XFX haven’t set this card to run with the fans off when not gaming… thats a fairly common feature nowadays. Again that’s being a bit picky, the card runs quiet regardless of the task.

If you are looking to choose between the 960 and 380X for 2560×1440 gaming then it’s a pretty easy decision. AMD gives the best framerates, for 1080p gaming the two cards offer playable results so price may come into it a little more. Looking up the stack, the GTX 970 is £249 currently, so a good deal on that could make life a little tough for the more expensive versions of the 380X but, for now, assuming retailers/manufacturers hit the £180-ish price point which AMD were quoting in the run up to launch, the 380X is an ideal choice for gaming up to 2560×1440 resolution.

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  1. I’m a fan of the tonga gpu….. even though my 285 is a lowered powered version of the 380/380x, it still performs rather admirably even for 4k gaming, though some games obviously i roll back to 1080p for the same of maintaining 60fps (there are plenty of games that sustain 45 min and 60fps average at 4k, though might not be the newest games).

    Considering the pricing in the states/canada, the 380/380x is an obvious winner compared to the 960… in terms of the 970… well considering pricing here for the most part, the 390 8gb cards (not the 390x) pretty much match up identically with the 970, winning some by more than just a margin of error…. and they at least here, sell cheaper than the 970’s.

    Still i find it rather weird how presented with the details, how so any people still feel inclined to pick up a 970 in spite of the facts.

    The other irritation i’m seeing is the big deal made about power consumption…. really….. are we really that worried over 30-60 watts difference in consumption? This of course not taking into consideration the fact that nvidia’s cards typically eat more power when under heavy opencl/cuda usage.

    I’ve just ran into WAY to many people moaning and whining and pointing fingers at amd about their power consumption for their gpus…. “OMG that gpu eats 90 watts more!” (when dealing with the highend models)…. and yet i’ve witnessed these people walk into a general store…. grab a 100 watt incandecent bulb off the shelf because it was a buck 50 and change…. instead of grabbing the 13 watt LED for 13 bucks or 30 watt CFL for 7 bucks…. That one 100 watt bulb just offset what they may have “saved” with their insistence on an nvidia gpu considerably… specially if they decide to continue using a number of these bulbs.

    I’m not saying amd doesn’t need to make their gpus more power efficient, but thier current values are not entirely out of line either unlike some previous models or even several nvidia products from the past. But what does one expect when using an older architecture on an old fab process…. that still manages to trade blows with nvidia’s much more power efficient models….

    • Matthew Curry

      people are insanely brand loyal to nvidia and intel

    • AS118

      It’s true. People don’t realize that AMD cards can be as little as 20-30 watts more power-hungry, and this is often for improved performance.

      If they OC’d their Nvidia card, it would consume as much power (or more) for a similar increase in performance.

      Plus, yes, even just 1 poorly chosen light bulb can use more power than their GPU. People really overstate the power use difference.

      Now granted, if you’re power supply constrained, and/or you want high-end SLI, Nvidia might be a better choice for you. If you only need 1 midrange card though, it’s not much of a difference.

  2. tyler1489

    I just bought this card because i have a shuttle xpc (micro-ATX) that is vertically challenged and the horizontal power connectors were a life saver, since i have enough room length wise. Or else I would have had to spend $600 for an r9 nano since nothing else amd would fit. I could have gone with nvidia gtx 970 mini from asus or gigabyte but I wanted to support team red since my experience with an gtx 960 2gb mini was underwhelming (even with an 100mhz OC) when upgrading from my HD 6850. I will admit the power savings was alot but I have a 500w psu silver certified now.

  3. AS118

    I feel like the XFX versions of the 380 and 380x are the best looking, but prices for the 380x fluctuate a lot, so I’m thinking of waiting for them to go down again before buying. They were literally at least $10 cheaper yesterday!