Monday | September 26, 2016
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EVGA Announces the GeForce GTX 970 HYBRID Graphics Card

EVGA Announces the GeForce GTX 970 HYBRID Graphics Card

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Online Thesis Writer •Hydro Performance without the Hassle – All in one cooling solution that is completely self-contained. No filling, no custom tubing, no maintenance. Just plug and play. Entrance Essay For Graduate School •Sleek Looks – Intelligent wiring system and sleeved tubing make this one sleek cooler without the messy wires. •Copper Base – Designed for the GTX 970 and provides maximum heat transfer. •Virtually Silent Operation – Variable controlled fans allow dynamic fan speed based on GPU temperature, and the water cooling efficiency means very low noise fans.
•Built in Radiator and Fan – Helps dissipate the heat by keeping the GPU as cool as possible. Fan can also be swapped or customized.
•Cooling for VRM and Memory – VRM and Memory cooling solution separated from GPU, allowing for lowest GPU temperatures, and efficient VRM and Memory cooling. Dissertation Abstracts Online Search

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