Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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BitFenix Spectre Xtreme 120mm LED Fan

BitFenix Spectre Xtreme 120mm LED Fan

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Writing A Good College Admissions Essay Uf The aggressively designed Spectre Xtreme comes in a wide variety of colours and options. The Black Spectre Xtreme comes without any LEDs, however it is also available with Blue, Green, Red or White LEDs. Special care has been taken to match the Green LED with the light emitted from NVIDIA GeForce GTX stock coolers. Adding to the customizability of the Spectre Xtreme, the lighting can be turned off with the included jumper cable.

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White LED: BFF-SPX-12025W-RP – £11.99
Red LED: BFF-SPX-12025R-RP – £11.99
Blue LED: BFF-SPX-12025B-RP – £11.99
Green LED: BFF-SPX-12025G-RP – £11.99

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