Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Qnap TAS-268 Review

Qnap TAS-268 Review

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Qnap TAS-268 Review – Setup and QNAP OS (QTS) Resume Phd Physics Phd Thesis Web Services

Qnap TAS-268 Review – Android OS

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Of course unique to this NAS is its Android OS. We get some control of this in Android Station within the main OS but our main access is via peripherals and the HDMI out. The Android version currently uses is  4.4 and to anyone who has used a smartphone or tablet based on Googles OS it will be very familiar. We get access to plenty of storage through the installed drives and all the key controls are in a bar at the base of the screen as expected.

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This is a fully functional version of Android, including support for Chrome and Play Store so all your favourite apps should be available but just in case, Qnap have provided their own app store with key functionality available for free. This includes photo browsing, media playback. The bundled Chrome browser can also be used to access the main NAS OS (QTS) just like we would on the PC to manage and maintain the device over time.

Qnap TAS-268 Review – User Experience/Conclusion

As far as build quality and design goes, we have no issues with the TAS-268. Qnap have created a solid little NAS and while we are never fans of a glossy finish on devices like this (they just gather dust) the black and white design is pretty cool. The vertical orientation is ok, maybe it’s a little harder to store than horizontal… but not too much and all the key ports and controls are within easy reach. We particularly liked the tool free install which allows us to get the hardware side of things up and running quickly and easily (2-3 minutes really). In use it consumes around 20w and at ldle as low as 5w. Also good.

On the software setup side of things QTS works well. We are walked through all the key processes and the NAS becomes ready to use within 10 minutes of power on, with only the first couple requiring any input from us. From there on, the TAS-268 experience is much the same as any other recent Qnap NAS… most of the time. Good solid desktop environment, nice functionality such as DNLA streaming, cloud storage support, remote access, FTP support and so on. Shared folders are of course key to this type of device and access was quick and simple from Mac and PC machines as well as smartphones.

Of course where this device stands out is the support for Android and that is running from the moment the system boots, basically if we access the NAS through our browser on PC/Mac we get QTS. Plug a screen into HDMI and we can use Android, of course with the ability to access QTS, from within Android, using Chrome. Key photo/video/music functionality is present which allows us to use the TAS-268 as a media hub including playback of HD content and it is fantastic to see Play Store is present, allowing us access to a vast library of Android apps to enhance our functionality further. that said, the OS does feel a touch clunky to use with keyboard and mouse.

Summary: QTS is a great OS and we very much like Qnap’s vision to add in Android. Plenty of flexibility, solid performance and quiet operation.

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  1. Giocas

    Did you tried to play with integrated HDMI H.265 4K videos? Or just H.265 1080p videos?
    Is the hardware specs strong enough to support these kind of videos?