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OCZ Trion 150 SSD Review

OCZ Trion 150 SSD Review Closing Sentences For Essays

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For energy use, the DEVSLP reading for the Trion 150 is 6mW with idle power at  830mW and active use is 4.8W. As for other features, TRIM is supported as is Idle Time Garbage Collection and the drive has a 3-year warranty with up to 240TBW rating (219GB/day). Finally, MTBF is 1.5M hours


OCZ Trion 150 SSD Review – Performance

Testing was performed on an i7-5960X with X99 motherboard, 16GB of DDR4 and on Windows 10. All software, drivers and the OS were up to date.



Persuasive Essays On Abortion CrystalDiskMark:


HD Video Processing:

ocz-t150-bmd Racism Essay Introduction HD Video Processing 2 (See Conclusion):

ocz-t150-bmd2 Write My Philosophy Paper For Me Real World File Copy:


Game Load Time:

ocz-t150-load Distribute Your Resume Windows Load Time:


OCZ Trion 150 SSD Review – Conclusion

Starting with the build quality of the Trion 150 it is hard to find any issue of note. The metal casing gets us off to a good start, it’s always preferable to plastic. Then inside the drive is packed with quality components, Toshiba branded, including their latest TLC NAND. Obviously this makes a lot of sense given OCZ is part of the Toshiba group.


Backing up this high level of component quality is an industry leading support process, summarised in the image above. Essentially you’ll find it hard to find a better warranty process.

Moving on to performance, the concern with a value orientated SSD is that there will have been significant compromises to reach the lower price point. In the case of the Trion 150 it is good to see that for most uses the drive performs at a high level. There is one aspect where it suffers, large file writing. That can be seen in our HD video test which writes large (several gigabyte) files multiple times over and over, or in our final file copy test, a single 9GB file. For anyone writing files less than 3GB or so, it is a non issue. Interestingly while observing this behaviour we noted that the 480GB drive could handle more of these larger writes than the 240GB before slowing down (both to around 200MB/s, so still exceeding mechanical drive speeds). And of course as soon as the large transfer is complete the drive returns to full speed. Load times, general desktop/productivity use, gaming, all offer competitive performance.

Finally on the value front the Trion 150 scores very well it’s price per GB is very impressive resulting in the following pricing:

120GB: $49.99
240GB: $69.99
480GB: $139.99
960GB: $269.99

Added to that we get a great tool in the for of SSD Guru which helps us monitor and maintain our drive over time.

Summary: Competitive performance in most day to day tasks, great pricing and good support.

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