Friday | September 30, 2016
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ASUSTOR Enhances Core Functions With New ADM 2.6 Beta

ASUSTOR Enhances Core Functions With New ADM 2.6 Beta Writing For The Internet

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Custom Writing On Canvas Us Essay Writing College Essay How To Begin Christine Brisson Dissertation •Supports additional file system formats: Can format hard disks to EXT4, NTFS and HFS+ file systems, significantly expanding MyArchive disks’ flexibility and availability. When no longer needed, removed MyArchive disks can be put into eSATA/USB external enclosures and be directly accessible via Windows or Apple Mac devices.
•Can self-define tags for MyArchive disks providing for easy management and identification.
•Secure automatic mounting: MyArchive disks can be configured to automatically mount on up to 20 trusted NAS devices
•Secure encryption: Supports AES 256-bit encryption. Decrypt by password, electronic key or physical USB device.
•Can be used in combination with high speed local backup function.
•Save power: When accessing the data in a MyArchive disk, the other MyArchive disks can remain in hibernation. Pay It Forward Essay Papers

Response Essay Help •Can create account file for importation (*.txt, *.csv)
•During importation, the system will check the integrity of the account data and indicate any errors making for administrators to correct.

•Scheduled iSCSI LUN snapshots allows the system to automatically take regular snapshots based on the specified time period, providing continuous protection of LUN data without needing any manual operation or significantly affecting system performance.

*Enhanced ASUSTOR Portal experience

Along with the ADM 2.6 beta enhancements, ASUSTOR 31, 50, 51, 61, 62 and 7 series users can also upgrade to the ASUSTOR Portal beta and URL-Pack, allowing them to stream from even more popular media sites.

•Newly added hardware accelerated Web browser Chromium
•Smart installation for Web page applications including: ADM, Chrome, Chromium, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.
•Supports smooth streaming of YouTube FHD 1080p videos
•Supports 3rd party URL-Pack application for browsing popular streaming media sites such as Iqiyi, Sohu, Tudou, Youku, Vimeo, MetaCafe, US Stream, Crunchyroll and Vudu.

For more information about the ADM 2.6 Beta Program, please visit: Asustor/Beta Program

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