Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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The Smartbar Technology Gaming Keyboard: Tt eSPORTS unveils the New POSEIDON Z TOUCH by Smartbar

The Smartbar Technology Gaming Keyboard: Tt eSPORTS unveils the New POSEIDON Z TOUCH by Smartbar

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Dissertation De Philo Sur La Raison Specially engineering by adding a touch input area onto the space bar, which then lets you perform certain tasks without having to touch the mouse. There are many more features have been added to the software to make the SmartBar technology more useful. The SmartBar is much more flexible in terms of customization and gesture recognition and has more capability when it comes to macros as well!

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http://kiev.com.ua/?daniela-deckers-dissertation Daniela Deckers Dissertation POSEIDON Z TOUCH has up to five zones that can be configured to perform horizontal/vertical scrolling, zoom in/out, certain swipes can bring up right click menus or text editor, or you can have macro keys on any zone. With a SmartBar, gamers could forego having macro keys and use the SmartBar instead. This enables a more compact gaming keyboard without any loss of functionality as macro keys usually add quite a bit of size to a keyboard! If we’re proper typists, our thumbs should always be resting on the space bar, allowing quick access to a plethora of multi-touch gesture!

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http://vedos.samk.fi/?how-to-write-a-good-application-memoir How To Write A Good Application Memoir Customize the keyboard and make it your own! Switch the Windows Key to CTRL key to lengthen the CTRL key with just one click! With the Switcher, you can mark this unique keyboard clearly yours! Also, its fully keyboard with stunning metal plate that enhances the gorgeous backlighting! Offering levels of adjustable brightness with an additional pause-break lighting effect combinations that make it cooler!

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Essay Custom Uk The leading mechanical blue switch actuates a bit after the tactile feedback of the key, but the Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical switches actuates earlier and closer to the tactile feedback. These switches were specially chosen by our pro-gamers and engineers, and we believe in them so much that we’re offering the world’s first 5 year warranty on a Mechanical gaming keyboard. Additionally, with the USB N-Key Rollover function, the POSEIDON Z TOUCH will allow you to hit combinations of keys at once to make sure your gaming session is as fluid as it can be without obstacles!

For more information on the new POSEIDON Z TOUCH Gaming Keyboard, please visit TTeSports.

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  1. Mariah Mossley

    It’s nice that they’re innovative but that touch-spacebar seems quite useless. Well sure you can find some use to it but would it really be as comfortable and reliable as doing it the regular way? I doubt it. At least the price is reasonable for such “innovative” technology but it’s mainly just because of the cheap switches they use. Well they’re pretty ok, just the quality isn’t consistant as much as I’ve heard and seen. Some will last you forever and some break fast. Buut the 5-year warranty handles that so no biggie I think. I’m still a fan of the good old Cherry MX switches. I got the KBC Poker 3 recenty. http://gaminggearhub.com/gaming-keyboards/mechanical-gaming-keyboards/vortex-kbc-poker-3-review/. It might be a really small keyboard but if you don’t need the numbpad and the mediakeys then it’s as good as it gets.