Friday | September 30, 2016
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ASUS B150i Pro Gaming Aura Review

ASUS B150i Pro Gaming Aura Review

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ASUS B150i Pro Gaming Aura Review – Packaging and Bundle High School English Thesis

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ASUS B150i Pro Gaming Aura Review – The Motherboard

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ASUS B150i Pro Gaming Aura Review – Performance

How Many Words In A Phd Thesis Uk i7-6700K, Z170/H170/B150, 2x8GB DDR4-2666 (Corsair)
i7-4790K, Z97, 2x8GB DDR3-2666 (Corsair)

Windows 10
GTX 980 Ti OC
Corsair H100 Series Cooler
Corsair AX1500i PSU
Samsung 850 Pro SSD (SATA Testing)
And Samsung T1 SSD (USB Testing)

On a Dimastech EasyXL Test Bench


a150-review-3dmark-igpu a150-review-bfh a150-review-memory a150-review-sata a150-review-m2a150-review-usb

ASUS B150i Pro Gaming Aura Review – Conclusion

The B150i Pro Gaming Aura is a board which very much knows its identity and consumer. Who are they? The type of person who wants to build a compact system with significant case window but doesnt care about overclocking, only stability and good performance at stock speeds. They are also likely a gamer, as the enhanced audio and LAN features suggest.

For that group the board is a very attractive product. We cant really fault it, especially as Asus pack in a bunch of other features such as high quality components, surge protection, wide range of outputs, quality BIOS and wide ranging component support. Really the only limitations of the board are through the very deliberate choice to use B150, so mainly no overclocking, limited memory speed and lack of RAID. Of course the presence of full speed M.2 socket gets us past that final point.

Summary: Looks great, decent features, quality build and solid performance.

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  1. M. Molli

    I read a lot of complaints of people who have issues with their LAN due to the Intel I219-V. Some say it only happens with Windows 10 but not with Windows 7, others report having this problem with a certain type of router only. It seems to be a persistant issue that has not been fixed with a driver update until today.