Thursday | September 29, 2016
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ASUS ROG SPATHA Review – Conclusion


ASUS have done very well at creating an overall package which impresses from the moment you start to unbox the device. The box is made well, the mouse presented nicely inside and the inclusion of a hard case is always appreciated. As far as bundled extras go, ASUS have things almost spot on. The only thing missing is a set of replacement feet but the inclusion of a second USB cable does see ASUS take things a little further than most of the competition.

As far as the mouse design goes, there is a lot of personal preference involved (for example we’d prefer a more rubberised coating) however, for the most part, ASUS have created an impressive product. The Spatha is a comfortable mouse to hold in palm or claw grip and we like that the switches can be replaced adding some potential for an alternate feel and enhancing the long-term durability of the mouse. As with other mice which can be taken apart, we think it is odd that ASUS go with a non-standard screw for this process as anyone who loses the tiny bundled screwdriver can’t just reach into a nearby drawer for another, but that is a minor issue overall. If there was one thing we would change about the design it would be a slight tweak to the thumb button area. ASUS have packed six buttons in there which is great but there isn’t a lot of room for applying pressure to the body, using our thumb, to help move the mouse. The buttons do have decent resistance but we are pressing against one to move the mouse… maybe having one less button, or splitting another and having the bottom button be a panel to rest on would have been a solution to this.

On the performance front, we have no complaints. The mouse tracks very well, glides smoothly and with the ability to switch between two DPI profiles quickly we can move this mouse into the FPS arena easily, as well as using it for the more MMO orientated tasks it is designed for. 8200 DPI is more than enough for the vast majority of gamers, 2000hz polling is at the cutting edge of the market and ASUS provide plenty of profiles (and Macro space) to tailor the mouse as we see fit. Something which is very easy using their Armoury software. It is a responsive, feature packed application which is very intuitive.

Summary: A few minor design quibbles which are more about personal preference than anything else.  Overall a very impressive mouse, from the moment it is unboxed right through the gaming experience.


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