Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Intel Core i7-6900K Review (On ASUS Strix X99 Gaming)

Intel Core i7-6900K Review (On ASUS Strix X99 Gaming)

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Intel Core i7-6900K Review – The CPU

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Intel Core i7-6900K Review – The ASUS Strix X99 Gaming

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  • Intel® Core™ i7 X-Series processors on LGA 2011-v3 socket
  • Quad-channel DDR4 3333 (OC) support
  • OC Socket, 5-Way Optimization and second-generation T-Topology: Easy and stable overclocking
  • Aura RGB illumination, Aura 4-pin RGB-strip header and customizable color decals: True gaming aesthetics
  • SupremeFX and Sonic Radar II: Flawless audio with stealthy, game-dominating overlay
  • Top-speed protected networking: Intel Gigabit Ethernet, LANGuard and GameFirst technology
  • Gamer’s Guardian: SafeSlot and smart DIY features
  • Ultra-speedy transfers for faster gaming: 2×2 802.11ac MU-MIMO Wi-Fi, U.2 and M.2, USB 3.1 Type A+C, RAMCache

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Intel Core i7-6900K Review – Performance

Chemistry Teacher Help I7-5960X, ASUS Strix X99 Gaming, 4x8GB DDR4-2800(Corsair)
i7-6700K, Z170, 2x8GB DDR4-2666 (Corsair)
i7-5960X, ASUS Strix X99 Gaming, 4x8GB DDR4-2800 (Corsair)
FX-9590, 990FX, 4x8Gb DDR3-2133 (Corsair)

Windows 10
GTX 980 Ti OC
Corsair H100 Series Cooler
Corsair AX1500i PSU
Samsung 850 Pro SSD (SATA Testing)
Samsung 950 (M.2 Testing)
OCZ Revodrive 350 (PCIe Testing)
And Samsung T3 SSD (USB Testing)

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intel-core-i7-6900K-review-3dmark intel-core-i7-6900K-review-bfh intel-core-i7-6900K-review-music intel-core-i7-6900K-review-memory intel-core-i7-6900K-review-cinebench-oc

Intel Core i7-6900K Review – Conclusion

Looking at the 6900K in comparison to the best CPU of the last generation, the i7-5960X it is hard not to be impressed. The new Broadwell-E range slots into existing socket 2011-3 systems, as well as all the boards we have seen launched over the last few weeks and brings with it significant improvements.

Not only do we get our first 10-core CPU for desktop, we get a 14nm process in the high end of the market and some enhanced memory support as well as a few new overclocking features. The enhancements to turbo boost are a nice bonus, ensuring we get maximum performance out of the box.

In terms of the user experience with the i7-6900K, that was great. We just dropped the CPU into our ASUS Strix X99 Gaming board which was running the latest BIOS and we were good to go. You could even get away with not reinstalling Windows 10 if moving from an older CPU… but a fresh install is always nice (and recommended). Performance was exceptional, outperforming the best processor of the last generation in all tasks and easily outperforming mainstream parts.

In our short time with the processor we ran a few basic overclocking tests, the ASUS board took us to 4.3GHz in auto mode, manually we hit 4.5GHz without issue. We’ll report back with more results in our review of the Strix X99 Gaming Review.

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  1. Dyre Straits

    Looks very appealing! Wonder where my i7 3770K would fit in that bunch? (I have it set to 4.2 GHz, FTR) But, is this duplicate on purpose?

    Test systems:

    I7-5960X, ASUS Strix X99 Gaming, 4x8GB DDR4-2800(Corsair)

    i7-6700K, Z170, 2x8GB DDR4-2666 (Corsair)

    i7-5960X, ASUS Strix X99 Gaming, 4x8GB DDR4-2800 (Corsair)

    FX-9590, 990FX, 4x8Gb DDR3-2133 (Corsair)

  2. samer1970

    Hi everyone ,

    Hello ,

    we all know that games dont use more than 8 threads today …

    so to take advantage of an 8 cores or 10 cores CPU in Gaming you should Disable HT (Hyperthreading) and run the gaming test again to compare it against the 4 cores i7 6700K .

    and test it with SLI as well to reach the i7 6700k bottleneck !

    let me put it more simple ,

    The i7 6700K has 4 cores and can oc to 4.4 ghz easy . this CPU will give us 8 Virtual cores comparable to 2.2 GHZ clock for each virtual core .

    However the 8 Coresi7 6900K , With the HT Turned OFF , will give us 8 cores @ 4.4 ghz EACH !

    Thats double the speed of the 4 cores i7 ! if the game uses 8 threads .

    EVEN if we dont OC the 8 cores , it would be 3.2GHZ VS 2.2 GHZ !!!

    if you ask why Disable HT ? simple because the game will never use 16 Virtual cores !!! and the advantage is LOST .

    Please run the test again for games with HT turned off in the 8 cores and 10 cores cpu .

    and to stress the CPU more , TEST SLI as well , we want the i7 6700K to bottleneck !


    oh and Intel Should release i5 Broadwel-E CPU , 8 cores without HT , CHEAPER and BETTER for GAMERS