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ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 Review – Conclusion

Starting with the build quality of the ROG Strix 1080 we have a card which hits the usual high standard we expect from ASUS. High-quality components are used throughout, the card appears to be assembled well and in one of the key areas which is different from the Founders Edition, the cooler, we get enhanced design elements such as the fan blades. As far as the overall design goes, like the Strix motherboard we recently reviewed, this is a card which is designed for those who want to build a system with some pretty cool LED lighting. ASUS allow us to choose plenty of effects and colours and of course, if we just want performance, without the lighting then it can all be disabled.

Speaking of performance, the Strix 1080 is essentially flawless. So much so that we actually considered only benching it at 4k. At 4K every game in our test suite was completely playable. It doesn’t matter if you want to fire up one of the latest titles such as DOOM, or something a little older like F1 2015… or even try to make life difficult for the card by throwing a beta DX12 benchmark at it… the Strix 1080 just blazes through. We’ve compared it to the fastest gamer focused cards of the last generation in this review, the AMDs Fury X and NVIDIAs 980Ti and both were significantly slower in our real world tests (everything but Warhammer was real world gaming). As we build out the comparisons in upcoming articles (including VR) things will only get worse for the previous generation.

It is also worth noting that the power use of the card is very impressive and tied in with this are the thermals and noise levels. Temperatures are kept well within acceptable levels by the ASUS cooler and as a result fan RPM is minimal with noise levels near silent. Finally, overclocking, where the card runs faster than the Founders Edition from NVIDIA as standard and when we used GPU Tweak to push things a little further we found that the total gap in 3DMArk FireStrike Ultra increased to 500 points, a fantastic result which is around a 10% performance increase.

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