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AMD Radeon RX 460 Review

AMD Radeon RX 460 Review

AMD Radeon RX 460 Review – The Key Features

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AMD Radeon RX 460 Review – The Sapphire Nitro

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AMD Radeon RX 460 Review – The ASUS Strix

The ASUS STRIX version of the RX 460 arrives with some product documentation, a leaflet about World of Battleships (our free 15-day premium account), cable ties and a couple of stickers. As for the card, ASUS use a dual fan cooler and those fans use blades designed for low noise and high airflow. They sit above a set of aluminium fins and two direct contact heat pipes.  This card is manufactured using the latest automated process which includes reduced use of harsh chemicals. On the top edge of the cooler, we also get a LED lit section and there is a four pin fan connector on the back end of the card which allows us to connect a case fan and control it through ASUS software.

asus-strix-radeon-rx-460-outputs asus-strix-radeon-rx-460-end

ASUS uses a single 6pin power connector and round at the outputs we find a DisplayPort connector along with one HDMI and one DVI. Multi-screen setups are supported as is 3D, 4k and VR. All of the usual features are present such as support for DirextX 12, FreeSync, OpenCL, Direct Compute , Virtual Super Resolution and Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) which allows us to specify a maximum framerate and have the card hit this, rather than its maximum, reducing power use and heat generated.

For the key specifications, ASUS go with a core speed of 1256Mhz and 4GB of GDDR5 running on a 128bit bus at 1750Mhz.

agpuz asussoft

ASUS provide us with a couple of different pieces of software for the RX 460. The first is the Aura lighting configurator. Then there is GPU Tweak 2 with full overclocking and monitoring functionality.

AMD Radeon RX 460 Review – Performance

Testing was performed on the Intel Core i7-6950X running on an X99 board with 16GB of DDR4 and a Samsung 850 Pro SSD. Windows 10 was the OS and all games along with the OS were patched. (The GTX 950 is an overclocked, 4GB model.)

NVIDIA Driver: 368.81
AMD Driver: Latest Crimson Edition (July 16)


460-review-doom-1080 460-review-f1-1080 460-review-warhammer-1080 radeon-rx-460-review-bf-1080 460-review-dota-1440 temps-rx460

AMD Radeon RX 460 Review – Conclusion

Starting with the Sapphire card, we have a version of the Rx 460 which feels well rounded overall. It is built to a high standard, has a good cooler for this price range and offers framerate performance which sits towards the high end of the market. The thermals are decent and can, of course, be configured to our needs with the noise level being whisper quiet at load and silent at desktop/idle as the fans turn off.

The ASUS version of the RX 460 offers, we feel, a slightly cooler looking card. All personal taste of course but what can’t be debated is the high build quality of the card thanks to the enhanced manufacturing process used throughout their range. ASUS too offer silent operation at low loads/idle and the temperatures offered at load were a small amount better than Sapphire. As far as the framerate performance goes, ASUS were a fraction ahead of the NITRO due to that 6MHz clock difference and temperature.

When we compare the RX 460 to the GTX 950 OC, the direct competition from NVIDIA at the time of writing we see a somewhat surprising set of results. Generally the RX cards have been better than the last generation of NVIDIA cards at launch however the RX 460 tends to fall behind the GTX 950. There is the odd exception to the rule but more often than not the NVIDIA card offers better framerates. That said, the RX 460, from either brand, offers completely playable framerates in the latest games at 1920×1080.

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