Thursday | September 29, 2016
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Roccat Skeltr Review (Keyboard with mobile device integration)

Roccat Skeltr Review (Keyboard with mobile device integration)

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Roccat Skeltr Review – Software

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Speaking of the mobile app, it is shown above. It allows us to quickly glance some key information on our system such as network activity, CPU speed/load and temperature. Configuration of the keyboard is also possible, giving us the main functionality from the desktop app and we can monitor our APM as we play. Interestingly Roccat also have a section to give feedback on what features should be added to the app and we end with a settings screen with options for power saving, auto connect, etc.

Roccat Skeltr Review – Conclusion

Starting with the build quality and design of the Skeltr we have a keyboard which certainly stands out in a very crowded market. Its overall shape and look are part of this with some cool LED strips down the side which spill light out across our desk but it is the phone/tablet functionality which really sets it apart. From compact smartphones up to large tablets, most can be slotted into the back of the keyboard and held in place without any need for moving parts. The angle they sit at is decent and the fit on the devices we tested was good. Very minimal chance of the device falling out.

Where users may run into issues is when their device is non-standard. Maybe a case, extra battery attachment, etc. Anything that adds a decent amount of bulk to the device will stop it from fitting. There is also one other quirk. Roccat provide a USB to micro USB charging cable and while that is the most used connector, there are so many other devices that use USB 3 (multiple port types) and of course Apple… so including only one cable seems odd. A cable with switchable attachments, that would be useful.

As far as the typing experience goes. No complaints. This is a membrane board and so those who like mechanical models will be disappointed but the ability to quickly switch between typing on our PC and switching to typing on the phone is fairly cool. It is also quiet and responsive so another couple of positives there. Setup of the device was easy, both normal functionality and the enhanced apps. Roccat Power Grid (and Roccat Talk) is supported, as with their other devices, however we spent most of our time in Swarm. That too is responsive as well as being intuitive to use.

Summary: The Skeltr achieves what it sets out to do. Offering some unique functionality for gamers using a smartphone app. Well built and stylish our only real concern is the slightly high retail price… and that iPhone 7 users will have a 3.5mm port they can’t use… 😉

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