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CES 2009 (Day 2)

by Stuart Davidson - 10th Jan 2009
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DriverHeaven @ Ces 2009 Day 2

It is some time between the end of day 2 and the beginning of Day 3 at CES and once again Driver Heaven have been out and about at the convention. Here is a selection of our highlights from Day 2.

As always BFG had a selection of graphics on display at CES, including the new GeForce GTX 295 but the main focus of their stand this year is the Phobos system. The Phobos is BFGs first attempt at building and selling a high performance system and will go up against the top enthusiast pre-built machines that are currently available (from companies such as Alienware, Voodoo PC).

The Phobos is contained within a lovely high gloss chassis with touch panel which is actually a mini PC running an ARM processor. The touch panel not only monitors system status it also offers full control of overclocking settings, fan speeds and various other configuration options.

The rear of the system is almost as impressive due to having a design that hides the system cables. On the top of the chassis as well as having the standard front panel connectors we even have an iPod dock. The demonstration PC running at the show contained a i7-965 CPU and dual GTX 295s with other impressive components such as CoolIT's Domino liquid cooling solution.

The Phobos will be available to buy from January 19th via BFGsystems.com and if the idea of having them build the entire system for you isnt enough, how about knowing that they will deliver and install the PC for you?

Over at OCZ we were shown a selection of components and a number of the newer items were not memory or power related. First up was the Sabre OLED gaming keyboard that features various light up options and a selection of programmable function keys. Mice are also receiving some focus from BFG and close to the Sabre board was the Behemoth mouse from OCZ which runs up to 3200 DPI and features the ability to change weights.

At their power supply section there were various new additions to the power supply range which include a 910w silencer and a larger unit called the Pro-Source which includes a battery which should power a high performance system for up to 30minutes should a power outage occur. Alongside the Pro-Source was a prototype for OCZs first case.

Storage is still big business for OCZ and as well as a selection of SSDs they were also demonstrating a selection of new flash drives such as the Crossover which contains 8Gb as standard but accepts a microSD card to increase capacity. Also on display was the Throttle, a USB style drive which actually uses an eSATA connection for enhanced performance.

CoolITs Booth was heavily focused on the Domino cooler that we reviewed recently with various builds on display which contained the product. In addition to this they were running a competition where liquid cooling novices were given a Domino and part built system then asked to install it in the fastest time. At about noon on Day 2 the quickest install was 2minutes 2 seconds, which just goes to show how easy the process is.

As well as the Domino CoolIT were also showing some interesting concept designs. The first was a completely liquid cooled system running two 4870s on Intel's Smackover board with i7 CPU. Even the motherboard is encased in a cooler which gives it a rather impressive appearance. Next was a silent system that monitors the sounds within the PC and emits noise cancelling sound waves. Finally we were shown a sample of a water-cooled server which CoolIT believes would save significant amounts of money/energy.

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