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CeBIT 2009 (Day 3)

by Stuart Davidson - 6th Mar 2009
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In our final Cebit article for 2009 we take a look at products from companies such as PowerColor, Seasonic and for the 2nd time, Corsair.

PowerColor were not showing off products at a booth but instead had a meeting room where they outlined their latest business strategy to us. Essentially they are enhancing some of their product catalogue by bundling extra items such as Stalker Clear Sky. They are also moving into cases, PSUs and netbooks by taking advantage of their parent companies wider skill set. Finally they are looking to target some low end consumers by pushing their products such as the PCI version of the Radeon 2400.

Over at the Seasonic booth they main item of note was their 80 Plus Gold certified PSU. From the information we were given during our presentation we have to say that this appears to be one of the most impressive PSUs on the market, even the warranty is exceptional at 5-years. Watch out for a review on Driver Heaven in the future.

Point Of View
Point of View are probably best known for their graphics cards but at Cebit this year their stand was absolutely packed with other products. There were a selection of Ion based systems, netbooks, PSUs and even 5.1 gaming headphones.

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