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Windows 7 Guide - Installing

by Stuart Davidson - 13th Jul 2009
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Windows 7 Installation Guide

Microsoft’s much anticipated Windows 7 operating system is about to reach the Release To Manufacturing phase which means it is on track for launch in October. Given the positive previews by the press and the good word of mouth from beta testers and those who have tried the Release Candidate it seems that Windows 7 will be an upgrade that consumers should seriously consider.

For enthusiasts this type of upgrade is unlikely to cause any issues but what about those who have never upgraded or installed an operating system? For those consumers it is likely to be a daunting experience and therefore we have written this guide to assist end users in moving to Windows 7.

Featuring step by step instructions and screenshots which show exactly what to expect as the installation takes place, this guide should allow those who have very limited knowledge the ability to take advantage of the great features and improvements in Windows 7. Follow the menu at the top of the page to find the section relevant to your procedure.

Further articles on Windows 7 will be appearing on Driverheaven in the run up to the release later this year.

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