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Batman nVidia PhysX Analysis

by A. Camballe - 25th Sep 2009
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Holy PhysX rigid bodies Batman!

If you are a gamer or an enthusiast user there is no chance you have escaped the hype surrounding Batman Arkham Asylum which has been saturating the marketplace for the last month or so. Our sister site Gamingheaven reviewed the console version recently and it justifiably received a very high score indeed.

The PC version deserves more than just an updated review because the developers are keen to state that they spent a lot of time incorporating enhanced physX elements for enthusiasts keen to experience this exciting technology. It would be inaccurate for me to state this just works on Nvidia cards as you can experience physX with a good ATI video card by farming the instruction sets out to the CPU via software. For instance we have found in our recent testing that the 5870 with a strong Intel core I7 makes for a great overall physX experience, however there is no doubting that to get the most from this game you are going to need multiple Nvidia video cards. The fact you don't need an SLI supported motherboard is something that a lot of people still don't realise - if you have a free PCIe slot you can use an nvidia card as a physX processor.

This is in fact the reason for this article today - to help you guys get the most from your Batman experience. For instance if you already own a 275 GTX or 285 GTX and you find the game is struggling at high resolution with everything cranked we want to be able to tell you if it is a viable option to purchase another Nvidia card to handle physX. Equally so you may very well have a mid range Nvidia graphics card and you are unhappy with the performance at your chosen settings. Purchasing an entry level Nvidia graphics card to enhance your physX performance will certainly not break the bank but it would be a waste of money if it didn't make a difference - that is why we are here.

We will analyse multiple setups to suit all ranges of investment, from a wallet busting dual 295 GTX quad sli configuration to a much more affordable 250 GTS with 9400 GT. You don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy Batman: Arkham Asylum, but you certainly can get benefits from more than one video card if you research carefully. While this seems a little overkill for just one game, with high profile physX based games such as Dark Void by Capcom due out in the near future there may be no better time to pick yourself up another Nvidia card.

Hopefully by the end of the article you will be in a position to make a better judgement as to how you can build upon your current Nvidia based system to improve your experience of future physX titles.

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