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MWC 2013 Gallery

 by Stuart Davidson on 28/02/2013

This week saw the 2013 MWC take place in Barcelona, Spain. Senior Editor Stuart Davidson headed along to find out what's on the horizon in the mobile world...

ASUS Masters of Overclocking 2012

 by Stuart Davidson on 25/04/2012

The ASUS Masters of Overclocking event has taken place and here we have a gallery from the event and the final results.

CES 2012 - Days Two and Three Gallery

 by Stuart Davidson on 13/01/2012

Photos from our last two days at CES, with products from Razer, OCZ, Samsung and many more.

CES 2012 - Day One Gallery

 by Stuart Davidson on 11/01/2012

The Consumer Electronics Show is back in Vegas from January 10th through to the 13th. HardwareHeaven spent our first day browsing through various hotel suites - where they keep the good stuff. Inside are some shots of the latest products to land from brands such as Kingston, NZXT, Sapphire and iBuyPower.

CeBIT 2010 - Day Three Coverage

 by Stuart Davidson on 05/03/2010

In our final day at CeBIT we visited Cooler Master, Enermax, Razer, SteelSeries, OCZ and Corsair to see what they had on show.

CeBIT 2010 - Day Two Coverage

 by Stuart Davidson on 03/03/2010

In our highlights from Day 2 at CeBIT we look at some of the more interesting items on show. Todays report includes items from companies such as ASUS, MSI and Sapphire... for the latter, if you think you know what they had on show, think again.

CeBIT 2010 - Day One Coverage

 by Stuart Davidson on 03/03/2010

HardwareHeavens roving reporter is making a whistle-stop visit to this years more compact (improved?) CeBIT. Join us as we take a look at some of the highlights from Day One, including some GeForce GTX 480 demonstrations...

CES 2010 HardwareHeaven Video Coverage

 by Craig Humphreys on 10/01/2010

HardwareHeaven have been over at CES 2010 in Las Vegas. Our first video features Intel, CoolIT and Vuzix.

UPDATED: Part Two coverage is now online, featuring Asus, Razer and more.

Heaven Media Awards System 2009

 by A. Camballe on 21/06/2009

The primary goal of Heaven Media reviews are to inform you, our readers about which products should be making it into your home as a possible purchase. In June of 2009 we decided to expand, enhance and revise our awards system to better accommodate the plethora of products that we review.

CeBIT 2009 (Day 3)

 by Stuart Davidson on 06/03/2009

In our final Cebit article for 2009 we take a look at products from companies such as PowerColor, Seasonic´┐Żand for the 2nd time, Corsair.

CeBIT 2009 (Day 2)

 by Stuart Davidson on 05/03/2009

Today our roving reporter Stuart checks out the stands from Gainward, Silverstone, Packard Bell, Acer, Antec, G Skill, Arctic Cooling, Plextor, Asus, XFX, Glacialtech and Zotac. Some great sights on display so be sure to check it out.

CeBIT 2009 (Day 1)

 by Stuart Davidson on 04/03/2009

Cebit 2009 has now well and truly started and although this is a quiet year compared to last there are still some interesting products on show, here are DHs highlights from Day 1.

CES 2009 (Day 3)

 by Stuart Davidson on 11/01/2009

Today is our final day of CES 2009 coverage from Las Vegas. Today Crucial/Lexar, Hauppauge, Psyko, MotionDSP, MSI, Super Talent and Gigabyte are on display !

CES 2009 (Day 2)

 by Stuart Davidson on 10/01/2009

Today is the second day of our coverage of CES 2009 in Las Vegas. BFG, OCZ, Coolit, Patriot, Corsair, ibuypower and ATI/AMD are on display today for your viewing pleasure.

CES 2009 (Day 1)

 by Stuart Davidson on 09/01/2009

Sunny Las Vegas in the middle of winter .... it must be time for CES again. Driver Heaven staff have been working hard at the convention and here are some of the highlights from our wanderings on day1 of the show.

YOYOTech pair up with DriverHeaven

 by A. Camballe on 01/08/2008

Today one of the UK's most respected technology retail outlets has opened their support forum on DriverHeaven, this article is to let you know who they are, what they are about and why they are here !

CPL Finals

 by A. Camballe on 27/02/2008

The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), a pioneer in professional video gaming competitions, today announced that Gamerbase, one of the worlds most advanced gaming centers, is hosting the $300,000 CPL World Tour Grand Finals on February 27 and 28, 2008.


 by A. Camballe on 09/01/2008

Yes, it's that time again, for a look at some of the coolest hardware coming your way in 2008.

Cebit 2007

 by A. Camballe on 22/03/2007

CeBIT, in Hanover, Germany, is the world’s largest computer exhibition. This year the show ran from 15th to 21st March and, although both visitor and exhibitor numbers seemed down on last year (roughly 400,000 and 6,000 respectively), there was still plenty to see and do. Although compared to previous years there were fewer new and innovative products to be found (iPod rip-offs, digital photo frames and water cooling systems were all there in abundance) we still managed get a heads-up on some of the newest and coolest kit that’s likely to hit the UK this year.

CES 2007 (Part 2)

 by A. Camballe on 11/01/2007

ok at hot products from Thermaltake, Silverstone, Zalman, Coolit. Creative as well as an amazing new 3d controller called "The Falcon".

CES 2007

 by A. Camballe on 10/01/2007

CES is the World's largest Annual Tradeshow for Consumer Technology and this year Driver Heaven is attending the event in fabulous Las Vegas. It has been a major feat getting some coverage between all the late night parties with hot women and gambling in the casino's. So here with our with our first day of CES coverage, a few K out of pocket.

Abit and Intel Overclocking Event

 by Aaron on 18/12/2006

So it is no surprise that these two companies held a private overclocking event on Friday December 15, 2006 to push the Kentsfield and the AW9D-Max to the extreme with the help of some of the biggest names in overclocking. So what happens when you get a retail Kentsfield, an AW9-D Max (modded hipro5 from Xtreme Systems style), a three stage cascade system, and a big container of ln2 (liquid Nitrogen) in a room alone with Charles “Fugger” and Don “Philly-boy” from Xtremesystems? Driver Heaven has the answer.

Valve Editors Day 2 Nov 2006 (Multi Core CPU's)

 by Rasta Monsta on 04/11/2006

Back in 1996, a new company known as 3dfx changed the world when it introduced the Voodoo1 Graphics chip, one of the first add-in hardware graphics accelerators for the personal computer. Graphics on the PC would never be the same, as the dedicated graphics processor gave developers their first real 3d rendering tools, and gave birth to modern rendering techniques that all of us now take for granted.

ATi's Stream Technology

 by A. Camballe on 02/10/2006

Dave Orton kicked things off with an overview of the whole concept, and he put forward quite a realistic outlook on what it can and can not do. Far from being the best thing for every task out there, Orton started out saying how it may or may not apply to your workload. If the problem you have will map to a GPU, you can see speedups from 10x to 40x, a massive increase. Doing the same math purely on a CPU would take a very expensive computer.

Driver Heaven inside Abit HQ

 by Aaron on 19/06/2006

Aaron recently had the chance to go into Abit HQ since the USI takeover and took a look at several motherboards - the Fatal1ty AN9-32X and the IL-80MV. Aaron also spoke with Peter du Preez, Content Editor and Marketing Manager and mentioned some concerns that our membership raised on our forums.

Driver Heaven at Computex 2006 (part 2)

 by A. Camballe on 11/06/2006

Following up from my prior article on Computex, on the last day of Computex we had considerable time with Nvidia and met with their vice president Roy Taylor as well as engineers and head of PR Derek Perez. Nvidia had a public stand in one of the main halls of Computex with many products on display however they invited us to their private function room and we sat with their vice president for a very indepth discussion and I had the pleasure of being personally escorted by several of their chief engineers and technicians for a look at some of their forthcoming products. Some aspects of this im not at liberty yet to discuss but I can show many of the products they had on display in their function room.

Driver Heaven at Computex 2006

 by A. Camballe on 07/06/2006

For the last few days we have been for the most part involved in meetings with many companies so it was only this afternoon I had a chance to travel around the various booths to chat with other company executives and to oogle the lovely asian ladies. Many of the booths will not hold much of an interest to our readership but there are some that will certainly get the tech juices flowing.

Valve Editors Day December 8th

 by A. Camballe on 14/12/2005

Valve Software recently invited several hardware editors from major web sites to visit Valve and see the new Day of Defeat movie...one of these sites was Driverheaven and today we have what can only be classed as a MASSIVE article for you to absorb. Join US hardware editor Steve as he takes you on a tour of Valves DOD: Source engine... "Jason Mitchell spent 8 years working for ATI, where he headed up the 3D Application Research Group. He is now utilizing his 3D graphics hardware wizardry on new projects at Valve. Gabe Newell who is the Founder and Managing Director of Valve, made several poignant points during the presentation. Doug Lombardi, Director of Marketing also made appropriate references and helped bring the whole gathering together with the help of able assistant Ms. Kathy Gehrig."

Lost Coast: Inside Valve

 by A. Camballe on 18/09/2005

Valve Software, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, extended a gracious invitation to attend their demonstration of HDR (High-Dynamic Range) lightning, as it matriculates into the Source gaming engine. The event was titled Lost Coast Day/HDR Day and was held at the Valve Software office in Bellevue. Invitations were extended to several major computer enthusiast sites, along with Dr. Paul E. Debevec, who is the Executive Producer for Graphics Research at the University of Southern California, at the Institute for Creative Technologies. Dr. Debevec wrote a paper entitled Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs which was presented at SIGGRAPH 97, and is generally now known as the “father” of High-Dynamic Range. He continues to work quite closely with Valve as they collaborate to produce even better, more realistic lightning effects in computer gaming.

Millionman Lan 3

 by Chaos on 04/07/2004

Ask yourself this, have you ever to wanted to hook up, frag, and have fun with hundreds of people?! Then this is the event for you! This year had a record 1219 attendees not counting the spectators, staff, and sponsors. Below you will see "the big map", there are attendees from all over the country.

E3 Picture Gallery

 by A. Camballe on 17/05/2004

Pictures of E3 in 2004

Comdex Las Vegas 2003

 by A. Camballe on 26/11/2003

Recently DriverHeaven was invited to meet with Abit at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Several motherboard manufacturers were holding a meeting there to show off their new products and meet with customers. This event coincided with Comdex, so through some last minute maneuvering, we secured interviews with ATi and ASUS as well as an entrance pass to Comdex courtesy of ATi. One plane ticket and a short flight later, I touched down in Las Vegas.

LanWar 20

 by A. Camballe on 10/10/2003

Could you handle 24 plus straight hours of gaming with about 500 hardcore gamers like yourself? If so then this past October 4 and 5 in Louisville Ky you would have been in heaven so to speak. I recently attended LanWar20 and have to say if you ever get the opportunity to go to one the events then do not miss the chance. The LanWar was put on by the same core group that brought us the Million Man Lan2 this past year. As always it was a great time to be had and allowed me the opportunity to meet some of todays latest and greatest companies in todays computer industry.

Edinburgh International Games Festival

 by Stuart Davidson on 25/08/2003

Edinburgh in August is one of the places to be for anyone interested in the arts; the Edinburgh Festival has been running for over 50 years and is known throughout the world as a centre of entertainment excellence. There is something for everyone, whether you like Music, theatre, stand up comedy or film however in the past nothing has catered for the games enthusiast.