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Benchmarking Software


 by Stuart Davidson on 28/09/2004

Its been 20 months since the release of 3DMark03 and thatís a long time in the graphics industry. Many cards have come and gone as has the 15k barrier and so it was getting time for someone to really push the latest graphics cards to their limits. That company is Futuremark and today the NDA lifts on their latest product, 3DMark05. We at Driverheaven have been lucky enough to have access to the benchmark in advance of its launch and have run Nvidia and ATIís latest and greatest cards through the benchmark with some rather surprising results. Read on to find out exactly whats new in this version of 3DMark and also to see how the results panned outÖ

PCMark 04

 by Stuart Davidson on 24/11/2003

Futuremark applications are heralded as the "industry standard" when it comes to benchmarking your computer system and its components, on the 12th March 2002 Madonion released PCMark2002, this was the companies first ever unified benchmark and was aimed at home and office users. The purpose of the benchmark was to benchmark systems and gauge performance using common tasks in home and office environments. Since the release of PCMark2002 many things have changed; Nvidia are no longer the only big player in 3d Graphics, Driverheaven came into existence and Madonion became Futuremark Corporation. As the industry has developed so too has the technology we use and the way we use it so its time for a new unified system benchmark, enter PCMark04.

Aquamark 3

 by Stuart Davidson on 13/09/2003

On September 15th Massive Development will release Aquamark 3 – The Reality Benchmark to the public. Today Driverheaven has a preview of the benchmark and performance figures from a range of DirectX9 cards and Drivers.