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ATI Mobility Mod v1.2.1.0 Released

 by A. Camballe on 01/08/2009

We have released the latest version of our Modtool version check it out!

Vista Gaming: Yay or Nay? - Part 2: nVidia

 by A. Camballe on 15/03/2007

Early adopters of new technologies usually end up with the short end of the stick. Hardware and software issues are plentiful and it takes nerves of steel to deal with all of them. Mobile phones, mp3 players, DVD players and gaming consoles are known to have major issues at launch. But all tech launches pale in comparison to new OS releases. Linux is fairly safe from them because the upgrades are gradual. Windows being the complete opposite is prone to some major start-up problems though.

Vista Gaming: Yay or Nay? Part 1: ATI

 by A. Camballe on 25/02/2007

Microsoft would have you believe that the future of PC gaming lies with Windows Vista, and with the advent of DX10 gaming there is some truth in these claims. The real question however should be, “is Vista ready to become the primary gaming OS?” After noticing that (the rig killing and impressive) THQ’s Supreme Commander frame rates seemed smoother in Vista we decided to investigate. Hopefully you will find this as interesting to read as it was for us during testing, as many myths are circulating about just how “useless” Windows Vista is.

ATI Catalyst 7.1 & Nvidia Forceware 100.54

 by A. Camballe on 29/01/2007

Today we have a look at the newly released drivers from both ATI and Nvidia for Windows Vista. Are things in good enough shape for us to forget about gaming on Windows XP?

Catalyst 5.6 Preview

 by Stuart Davidson on 08/06/2005

The last time we wrote about a Catalyst release was the launch of the Catalyst AI feature quite a few months ago. We were very positive about the drivers then as they were completely stable with an excellent performance threshold. Since then ATI have been busy providing end users with additional performance and some bug fixes whilst behind the scenes they have been working hard on some new features and that’s what we’re previewing today…

Catalyst AI

 by Stuart Davidson on 20/09/2004

Numerous image quality comparisons / performance comparisons have been published on the internet. I think its fair to say that because of the level of end user feeling on this matter companies had to become more open with what exactly was being optimized. Around the time the Geforce 6 series was launched Nvidia began allowing users the option to disable texture/detail optimizations in their drivers which was firstly a surprise and secondly a wise move.

Catalyst Control Center

 by Stuart Davidson on 01/09/2004

CC is an amalgimation of two things. Firstly CCC is a new interface which completely changes how ATI customers interact with the driver. Secondly CCC allows developers and end users to completely configure the control centre's cosmetics and features.

ATI Modded Sets: Driver Comparison

 by Chaos on 19/07/2004

Ok we have all heard the "hype" now for quite some time regarding the tweaking and/or modifying of the official Catalyst Display Drivers. I am going to spend some time testing some of these drivers and compare them against their official counterparts. I will be running a series of benchmarks using a few of the more popular titles today. I am going to look at how different AA/AF settings affect speed, as well as what that performance loss does to enhance your overall image quality.

Far Cry Patch (1.2)

 by Stuart Davidson on 04/07/2004

n a few hours Ubisoft/Crytek will be releasing the much anticipated patch for Farcry which upgrades the game to version 1.2. As per most game updates there are various performance tweaks and bug fixes however in FarCry 1.2 we have the addition of Shader Model 3.0 features for Geforce 6800 series cards.

Driver Investigation: April 2004

 by Stuart Davidson on 22/04/2004

Over the past week or so you’ll all have been reading the reviews of the Geforce 6800Ultra, Nvidia’s new flagship card. We have not published the results of our tests with the 6800U yet and may or may not do so before an upcoming comparison article however during the course of our testing there were a few IQ specific issues which really caused concern. In order to provide the industry with a fair overall view of the 6800 IQ and performance we have taken the decision to publish these findings now.

ATI v. 3.10 VS OMEGA v. 2504 VS DNA v. 9.3.10a

 by Chaos on 16/01/2004

This is a close up look concentrating on the Omega and DNA drivers. The official 3.10’s are also compared as a reference to show how well these driver sets fare against the Official Drivers they are based on. With recent events and the lack of any other official testing, I set off to take a good look at these drivers. I’d like to start off skipping the standard ATI installer we’ve all seen many times before and go directly to the Omega and DNA installers.