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 by A. Camballe on 10/06/2005

I recently talked with Allan about the new gaming systems that we are producing and he felt it would be cool to give Driverheaven readers a little inside information about them. All American Computers has been around for five years building custom systems. During this time I became interested in water-cooling and water-cooled my personal system. After a few years I decided it was time for us to produce a water-cooled system for the public. AAC launched this system in 2003; called Poseidon, it was based on all “off the self” parts including the case. As a modder and water-cooling enthusiast, I felt that there was no case that was totally perfect for water-cooling and that Poseidon’s design was a compromise at best.

Xbox Mod "Heavenly Xbox"

 by A. Camballe on 30/01/2005

After a somewhat shaky start, Microsoft's now popular console has taken its place amongst modders throughout the community as being the console to tinker with. Actually calling the XBOX "a console" is quite a misjustice as it is basically a mini PC. Most of you reading this will know the processor is vastly more powerful than either the Gamecube or Playstation 2, that being a Custom 733mhz P3 from Intel, if you know this you will also know the graphics card is from Nvidia, a 250 MHz Custom-Designed NV2X . Im not going to rehash old ground and give an indepth specification list, if you wish to recap, head over to this page.

"The one" - system

 by A. Camballe on 18/02/2004

I was talking to Terry a few months before the CyberXGames//CES event in Vegas. He said wouldn’t it be cool to build the fastest gaming system in the World and debut it in Vegas. Of course I was excited and said this sounded like a great idea. Time went by and like many projects it was put on the back burner.


 by Asmoday on 04/02/2004

Mike Pettersen shows off some amazing pictures of his Driverheaven logo based case modification.