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Razer Mice Roundup

 by Stuart Davidson on 27/11/2010

In the past here at Hardware Heaven we have taken a look at a number of Razers mice, often awarding them our Gold Award. So today we thought, in advance of the Christmas shopping season, now was a good time to look at which mice were best suited to different types of user.

Blog: AMD Eyefinity Setup

 by Stuart Davidson on 26/11/2010

Over the past few months the major manufacturers who sell Radeon cards have been slowly starting to focus on Eyefinity products. Some have released cards which were based on the 5700 series and therefore aimed at productivity and other manufacturers, like XFX and Sapphire, have used their high end cards to push the technology for gaming.

Lucid Hydra Tech and why you, as a consumer, should stay away from it.

 by Stuart Davidson on 28/09/2010

Over the past couple of months we have had a few boards pass through the office from major manufacturers which have featured the Lucid Hydra chipset and all have failed to make it to the stage of having a review published. Why? Well it's not pretty and that's the point of this article...

AMD Vision Blog with Novatech Revolution

 by Stuart Davidson on 24/09/2010

In AMDs words 'VISION Black Technology from AMD is a combination of cutting-edge processing and video power that helps you take command of gaming action, massive headroom, and enough real estate for serious multitasking.' Key benefits from the technology are full DirectX 11 support, multi-display technology, digital library management and file editing/conversion.

Building A PC: Step By Step Guide

 by A. Camballe on 11/06/2009

Today, DriverHeaven will show you just how easy building a computer really is... a few simple steps and some time is all it takes and you will gain the satisfaction of building your own PC and learning a lifelong skill in the process.

CoolIT Interview

 by A. Camballe on 15/05/2008

The company was founded by Jason Myers, Brydon Gierl and Sandy Scott. The story started when Sandy, an avid PC Gamer, had his NIC continually failing due to the heat generated by a particularly hot graphics card. This is where the creative process began and Sandy came up with the unique and now patented approach of combining TEC's and Liquid for an extreme liquid cooling system.

Macbook Pro / Windows XP installation

 by A. Camballe on 23/04/2006

Apple moving to Intel Processors and supporting the end user to run Windows XP on their machines? Whatever next? Bill gates as Apple chairman? Danny has taken a look at a new Macbook Pro and spent some time with it over the last week. He has installed Windows XP Professional and given it a going over with some game titles as well as giving his views on the machine.

Architecture Analysis – R520 v G70

 by Stuart Davidson on 10/10/2005

Imagine a world where all graphics cards were made more equal. One in which the latest 7800 used 16 pipelines and 450/1000 clocks and the X1800 used its 16 pipelines at 450/1000 speeds. Which would perform better, and under what circumstances? Well imagine no more as here today we have a 16 pipeline G70 going head to head with a R520 at 450/1000.

ATi Crossfire: Overview

 by A. Camballe on 31/05/2005

Its been a long time coming but ATI have finally answered the call of Nvidia's SLI with the release of their dual card technology codenamed "Crossfire". Right now we dont have a suitable test rig to bring you figures or results but rest assured when samples are made available we will be bringing you the full rundown. For now Ill go over the information presented to me at a recent meeting and how you should expect Crossfire to improve your gaming experience. At the end of the article ill include an ATI Q&A session which will answer a good selection of questions and act as a reference.

FX-55 Preview

 by Stuart Davidson on 18/10/2004

This morning AMD unveils the new Athlon64 FX-55 and Athlon64 4000+, unfortunately our review samples have disappeared into the ether for the time being however whilst we wait for them to arrive we have a few results to share with you regarding the performance of the FX-55, and how it should perform compared to the FX-53.

Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer 4

 by Chaos on 10/09/2004

The VGA Silencer has come a long way since it's introduction model that was based around the ATI R9xx chipset. Cards like the 9500/9700 quickly started popping up sporting this new cooling system. HIS was the first major company to start including these coolers on their high end cards and they continue to do so today. Thanks to Scythe USA we are able to bring you this preview.

ATi PCI Express Preview

 by A. Camballe on 01/06/2004

Today ATI announced the release of its PCI express range of video cards built around their latest graphic core technology. The graphics cards announced today are the PCI variant of the Radeon X800 along with the Radeon X600 and the Radeon X300. ATI have also announced the release of the ATI Axiom which will be covering the mobile sector