CeBIT, in Hanover, Germany, is the world’s largest computer exhibition. This year the show ran from 15th to 21st March and, although both visitor and exhibitor numbers seemed down on last year (roughly 400,000 and 6,000 respectively), there was still plenty to see and do.

Although compared to previous years there were fewer new and innovative products to be found (iPod rip-offs, digital photo frames and water cooling systems were all there in abundance) we still managed get a heads-up on some of the newest and coolest kit that’s likely to hit the UK this year.

Sapphire Dual X1950
Originally announced back in January at CES, Las Vegas; the X1950Pro Dual from Sapphire was not working in a Quad crossfire configuration. It looked like Sapphire had rectified the driver problems in time for CeBit 2007, although on further inspection, it was in fact running in Crossfire on one card only – watch this space!

Primax Twister mouse
Primax, OEM manufacturer of PC peripherals have just launched the wireless Twister mouse. It’s designed for compact storage, to be bundled with laptops, battery powered and embeds a wireless USB dongle for travel. The Twister uses high definition laser optics and to maintain a long battery life, will switch off when twisted flat. It’ll retail for around $60.

The MoGo on the other hand is the latest revision of Primax’s ultra portable laser mouse. This is the Express card version that will plug straight into most laptop express slots for charging and storage. It will then rely on a USB Bluetooth dongle or the laptop’s internal Bluetooth connection to control the pointer. There is a small flip on the underside of the MoGo to give the mouse a slight angle to make it easier to use. Battery life is around 3-4 hours and the PC Card version is already available on the market.

Enermax CAESAR keyboard
There are always enough keyboards at CeBit to cover half of Outer Mongolia, but the CAESAR from Enermax is one that caught our eye. It’s a very sleek design, using a laptop style keyboard and surrounded by a metal mesh to match many of Enermax’s case designs. It’ll be launched around Q2/Q3.

It was accompanied by a couple of mock external HDD designs, although the 3.5” version will eventually feature a mesh material like the 2.5” caddy in the picture. The concept is an easy slide-in fitting assembly. The 2.5” drive will be USB powered with optional DC input and the 3.5” will include an external power adaptor.

As a simple demonstration of the true capabilities of the 933W PSU from Enermax, we pictured the unit powering 24 active SATA hard drives in a JBOD RAID configuration.


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