We hope you enjoyed our CES coverage from Vegas yesterday, we continue our coverage today with a look at hot products from Thermaltake, Silverstone, Zalman, Coolit and Creative as well as an amazing new 3d controller called "The Falcon".



Pictured above Thermaltake were highlighting their new range of CPU coolers with spring mounted fans to reduce vibration and lowering the overall noise within a system.

Thermaltake also showed us several replacement graphics card coolers, the ND3 (above left) for the 7900 nVidia series of cards and the ND4 (above right) for the 8800 nVidia boards.

Yet again more Thermaltake products with a great array of power supply units on display (above).

Shown above a Thermaltake branded iXoft cooling pad, which is a gel based notebook cooling pad, which lowers temperatures by absorbing heat ffrom the bottom of the laptop. Benefits would be the preservation of battery life and a longer lifespan for the cooler running components within the chassis.

Above left Thermaltake Mozart IX, which is a mini ITX case, DC powered with an external power supply unit. Above right the Mozart IP, a media center system with ipod video docking with a built in connector for USB/charging.



Silverstone demonstrating a Nvidia 8800 in a funky looking chassis with matching keyboard. Straight from the pits of hell... no really.



Zalman with a 3d display using polarizing glasses and a specially filtered TFT. This will be available in several formats and supports the nVidia stereoscopic drivers ... each line of the panel is interleaved with a horizontal then vertical polarized image. This is extremely effective and works with a wide horizontal field of view, however your eyes must be level with the screen.



Creative with their Zen V plus, OLED display. Reported 8 hour battery life with music, and a 2 hour life while playing video. This unit also supports MPEG4 files along with the usual plethora of audio supported formats. RRP will be in the $220 region for the 8GB version.



A new product from Razer the "Deathadder mouse", which is a 1800dpi ergonomic right handed unit. Visions of Rowan Atkinson wearing tights in a BBC comedy spring to mind. Surely not intentional !

Razer's "Mako" 2.1 speaker system which we had demonstrated to us. It is a 2x50w setup (satellites) with a 100w subwoofer. This uses the table surface as a sound stage to disperse the sound evenly around the room.

Razer again with their pro keyboard range, as you can see this has a connector for an iPod and is going to be marketed at designers with its programmable macro keys. The design is very maclike. Continuing their theme of minimalist white, Razer's new bluetooth mouse (top right).



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