CES is the World's largest Annual Tradeshow for Consumer Technology and this year Driver Heaven is attending the event in fabulous Las Vegas. It has been a major feat getting some coverage between all the late night parties with hot women and gambling in the casino's. So here with our with our first day of CES coverage, a few K out of pocket.


The Dlink stand this year is certainly bright and colourful and as you can see from the images above they are promoting their new GAMEFUEL product, which is a broadband/cable wireless router that provides QOS (priority of service for ports) for internet gaming aimed at the enthusiast gaming market, they claim to have port compatibility for literally hundreds of gaming titles.



Sony have many of their panels on display, with lovely 21inch screen on display only 10mm thick and 8inch only a few millimetres thick, giving class leading brightness and saturation. We hope to have one of these screens for review very shortly, so keep your eyes peeled on DH for an indepth review this year.



Geil have new concept memory on show, with "on the fly" adjustable voltages available via pots, also an additional power connector is used instead of the motherboard power lead, this reduces the noise (power fluctuations) that the motherboard provided power gives out. They also mentioned their new "Black Dragon memory", with a raised Dragon logo, the final design is said to have a glowing dragons eye and increased detail on the logo. Sexy ram, we like.




Trimersion was drawing a lot of attention with their VR Headset and gun, a wireless creation with 640x480 displays. Currently there are connectors for PS2/Xbox and PC however will plan on also releasing Xbox 360/Playstation 3 connectors over the coming months. Basically this device acts as a mouse control but uses a gyro to calculate the movements. It also has built in stereo headphones and power is supplied via a lead running directly from the gun. The gun has buttons for firing, changing weapons with programmable options to tailor titles to your requirement. We tried it and found that it still needs some work before it would be a good product, but the potential is certainly high. The retail price is set to be around $400, available Q2. Modelled by DH staff James Reed and James Dean - ain't they cute?



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