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Article: Todd "Toddsmack2k" Roberts
Design: Craig "Craig5320" Humphreys

Could you handle 24 plus straight hours of gaming with about 500 hardcore gamers like yourself? If so then this past October 4 and 5 in Louisville Ky you would have been in heaven so to speak. I recently attended LanWar20 and have to say if you ever get the opportunity to go to one the events then do not miss the chance. The LanWar was put on by the same core group that brought us the Million Man Lan2 this past year. As always it was a great time to be had and allowed me the opportunity to meet some of todays latest and greatest companies in todays computer industry.

This years LanWar20 was sponsored by AMD, ASUS, ATI, Nvidia, Hitachi , and Cisco. It was held at the Student Services Center at the University of Louisville KY campus. Just to name a few of the tournaments they were: UT2003 DeathMatch, Battlefield1942, MOHAA, Quake3, Counterstrike, and Halo. There was almost every kind of tournament to match anyone's taste.

I and my best bud Lawrence Lindsey, better known as 9weasle6 here at Driverheaven headed out Saturday morning to LanWar. After a 2 hour drive we arrived ready to roll out our gear and get fragging. A quick sign in and we had our passes, 2 free t-shirts and gear setup and ready to game. Things went smoothly for the most part getting hooked up to the network and we were off and slaying!.

Here are the servers that done a excellent job keeping everyone gaming 24 hours plus!

After a good 3 hours of gaming I thought I would take this chance to meet some of the exciting companies sponsoring this excellent event. First of anyone there knew AMD was in the house. They were constantly giving away some of the new FX 64 bit chips, 3200's and 2500 Bartons just to name a few of the items some lucky attendees got.

I met Phillip Stein, Sales Representative for AMD. I met Phillip before at the MML2 previously held in Louisville . Phillip is a excellent individual who you can tell is very enthusiastic about his work and loves what he does. He really gets a kick out of being at these events and gaming with everyday people like us. Phillip and Team AMD had a full schedule at LanWar so sadly I did not get a chance to ask him enough questions for a full interview.

Here is TEAM AMD, they are from left to right: Michael (Anubis) - Jamie (Chawdog)- David (Amd_Guy) - Phillip (Pirace) - Bret (Bregar) Dave Stelmack (THG) -Just known as Kilabitz.

However he did tell me that whenever someone purchases a new FX chip they do get a chance to play on the official AMD America's Army server that they now have exclusively to them. Instead of having to lease the server from the US army they now have their very own. Also look for in the future to have exclusive rights to the new 64 bit UT coming soon as well. Speaking of the AA server Phillip and Team AMD gave those at Lanwar the chance to play them in a giveaway for a new FX processor as well as a 3200 Barton and a 2500 Barton.

Here is Phillip and Team AMD kicking some butt on the Americas Army tournament they had. Needless to say Phillip was the top scorer throughout the tournament.

The show was a great success due to companies like AMD and the gang from Team AMD giving away some great prizes and always taking the time to talk to those there. Later Saturday evening Philip and David Makin from AMD along with the guys from ASUS held a Q&A session for all those at LanWar. Needless to say it was a fun and very informative session.

AMD and ASUS Q&A session

AMD and ASUS Q&A session

Last but not least Philip gave me the opportunity to see a new FX 64 bit chip firsthand and compare them with a 3200 and an Opteron.

From left to right: A FX 64 bit processor, a Opteron and a 3200 Barton. Notice the size of the chips.

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