DH @ CES 08

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Driver Heaven is at CES in Las Vegas to get a glimpse of the interesting, cool and unusual tech goodies that line the stands.

Pictured above is the MYVU personal media viewer. These glasses are compatible with most portable media players and mobile phones with video out functionality. Gaming consoles are even supported. It is a little early to judge, however we were not really impressed with the quality of the image on display.

VoodooPC are HP's gaming range of computers, this stand was representative of their high end ethos.

A rather attractive lady, modelling for the press. We all like cute ladies with our tech, right?

Hewlett Packard had a large presence at CES this year, with the Media Smart Receiver taking center stage. This unit is certain to find its way into many a home in 2008. Also pictured is the Server edition.

We particularly liked this Asus laptop with an embedded leather section to support the wrist.



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