2013 Audi S6 Review

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    With the improvement in engine technology where V6s of today can outclass the V8s of yesterday and turbos giving a lot of power four pots, it’s no surprise to see that manufacturers like Audi provide S-line bodykits for their “regular” cars. You get the looks of something sporty to match the exciting performance of a relatively fast engine without having to splurge the extra cash.
    Source: T-Break
  2. CDsDontBurn

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    "Go before show". That's what I say.
  3. Callandor

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    I used to like Audis a lot, but nowadays I don't like them so much, the way they look, not perform. From the front they look pretty but from the rear not so much. At least to me. I would prefer a Mercedes Benz, Volvo or even a BMW to an Audi any day.
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  5. blibbax

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    I like Audis, but like BMWs, they're too firmly sprung, and too commonly driven by twats.

    Mercedes is too "old person", though. And Jaguars too showy.

    Personally, I'd go for a Skoda :p
  6. CDsDontBurn

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    WTF is a Skoda? :confused:
  7. blibbax

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    You don't have them in the USA?

    It's an Eastern European car brand owned by the Volkswagen group.

    On any given mainstream platform, VW generally produces cars under 4 brands:

    • Skoda (mainstream, sensible)
    • Seat (mainstream, aimed at younger buyers)
    • VW (upper-mainstream)
    • Audi (premium)
    For example, the VW Golf Mk6 is essentially the same car as all of the following:

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