2GB ddr333 or 1.5GB ddr400?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by BoroVC, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. BoroVC

    BoroVC Active Member

    I was wondering what anyone thinks is better RAM to have out of these two options:
    2GB running at 333 or 1.5GB running at 400?
  2. procupine14

    procupine14 Why is it Beeping!?!?!

    well....lets see here...usually you will tak e a speed hit with two sticks at different values (such as size or speed) so i guess my question is how are you gettting the 1.5GB?
  3. BoroVC

    BoroVC Active Member

    I have a 1gb stick of kingston value ram and I have two matched 512mb sticks of kingston value ram. They are all PC3200 but my mobo doesnt support 2GB of PC3200 so if they are all in they will be running as PC2700.
  4. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    You would be hard pressed to notice any significant speed difference between 333 and 400mhz. Not that there is no difference, as there is, but will you physically 'notice' it? No. You would, however, notice a difference in overall performance going from 1.5GB to 2GB of ram. Things would open faster, the system would be overall smoother, games would certainly be a bit smoother.
  5. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    question is..

    is dual channel playing a roll? typically dual channel on 3 sticks of ram doesn't work.

    2gb of dual channeled PC2700 would probably show a bigger performance boost then 1.5gb of PC3200 single channel mode ram... Plus the 2gb comes in handy...

    why doesn't your motherboard support 2gb of PC3200?
  6. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    I can tell you that one, Judas: Asus really screwed up the P4S800 line.

    Asus have about 4 or 5 different boards under that monicker, and where they screwed up is in the fact that they used 1 of 3 chipsets: Intels 865PE, or SiS' 661 or 648 chipset. The 1 or 2 Intel boards were a full sized that had dual channel memory support (4 slots, and up to 3GB if I remember correctly). However, then there was 1 SiS board that had 3 ram slots which was based on the 648 chipset (I take it BoroVC has this one), and the other 2 SiS boards, the MX & MX SE based on the 661, only had 2.

    Now, if BoroVC has the board based on the 648 chipset, then it sort of runs like this:

    - if you use all 3 slots the ram will run no higher than PC2100
    - if you use 2 slots the ram will run no higher than PC3200

    There was something about a single 1GB stick, but I can't remember what it was exactly. Something about 1 stick of double sided ram or something...
  7. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    i HATE cheap boards.....

    one reason i REFUSE to buy boards that have less then near "enthusiast" set of options and upgrade paths....
  8. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    Oh, wait a sec. Now I remember. The other 2 boards weren't Intel. It was still SiS chipset. The 655 chipset to be exact. They were both 4 ram slot boards, and they also carried the P4S800 moniker. The P4S800D and DX I think.

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