2KX audigy's with Sonar 7

Discussion in 'ASIO' started by alexaepathy, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. alexaepathy

    alexaepathy New Member

    Hi I tried searching but couldn't find a topic on running 2 Audigy 2 zs cards with sonar.

    I plan to use ASIO.

    I have both cards installed and visible by the kx driver,

    both cards show up as options in Sonar Audio Settings.. but

    I can only choose one group of ports (1 card range)

    Can anyone help out or this not possible?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. TravelRec.

    TravelRec. Alternative Audioproductions

    You can only access one card with the same ASIO driver at a time. If you use 2 different applications with different ASIO drivers, then you can use both cards at a time.
  3. alexaepathy

    alexaepathy New Member

    Allright, is there any way to send the output of one card to the input of another, logically, without using a physical cable?
  4. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

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