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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Eugene Gavrilov, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    please post 3551 bugs here

    3551 has several 'known issues':

    * audio quality for master mixer under windows 7 is not optimal
    * memory leak in directsound applications (need more input on this in corresponding thread)
    * sfman32 is not functioning properly because it (and kxapi.dll) are not located in system32 folder
    * IR remote/multimedia keyboard under Win64
    * soundfonts under x64

    please don't report these issues :)

    your feedback is welcome

  2. jaromanda

    jaromanda Active Member

    Some initial problems (Windows 7x86)

    FXMix2 plugin, sliders do not work - double clicking FXMix2, all in levels are shown as 100% value, slider at 0 ... trying to move slider, sets displayed value to 0%, slider will not move

    you can load the (bundled) profx adc? plugin, but "Tweak..."ing it (i.e. double click it) crashes kx to the point one has to reboot to do anything with kxmixer - same issue with ProFx311_48.kxl (ProFX:ADC) ...

    lack of profx plugins (either bundled or addon) is a deal breaker for me, so I reverted to 3550
  3. qweiwei

    qweiwei New Member

    Broadcasting: Foobar0.9.x + oddcastv3 + icecast2
    Receiver + playback: Foobar0.9.x + Audigy 2 zs notebook
    Ploblem: The random beep (or silence) will occur.

    Test condition:
    Winxp sp2
    1.Play the broadcasting signal a few minutes, and toggle to play local songs, Perhaps will occur the ploblem. then click the play button about 28 times, the sound is normal again.
    2.open or close application sometimes will make noise!
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  4. Dave_Scream

    Dave_Scream New Member

    Îòâåò: 3551 bugs

    W7 32bit - 4gb RAM
    3551 - ASIO registration problem (need to use regsvr32.exe)
    3550 - ASIO registration ok

    2. kxmixer.exe crash when doubl click PROFX->AC97 plugin

    3. too many kx asio drivers: [​IMG] (work only first)
    3551 installed above 3550. (3550 not deleted before update)
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  5. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    Îòâåò: 3551 bugs

    You need to delete 3550 completely before installing 3551. Otherwise it will not work properly. ASIO should register itself correctly after you remove 3550...

    will test this, thanks
  6. jaromanda

    jaromanda Active Member

    On further investigation, none of the sliders for the "pseudo plugins" (as listed in fxlib.cpp) work

    also, anything I compile - the sliders do not work - however, check box works

    and ASIO definitely does no register - have to run regsvr32 kxasio.dll to make asio work - same problem in 3550
  7. ReWired

    ReWired New Member

    Win 7 Ultimate x64, 4GB RAM, SB Live! 5.1 (SB0102 10k1 [bc00])

    Installation went normally - clean install. ASIO registered well.
    I found 2 installations of kX - 64 and 32 bit, does not know why x64 OS needs x86 driver presented (but that's not a big deal anyway).

    Most of the bundled plugins work as expected. Few of them are buggy - for example Stereo Mixer's sliders do not move (and no sound goes out from the effect, because default positions are set to 0).

    All of the included ProFX plugins work normally, except ADC, which crashes kX Mixer if I try to tweak it.

    I play MIDI files only with Windows Media Player. In such scenario there is no matter if soundfont is loaded or not in kX Mixer. Too strange for me, but I am not so deep into Win 7 architecture, codecs and etc.
    Also when playing MIDI file - the sound comes from FXbus 2/3 as if I play any other multimedia files.

    There are few Master Mixer issues too.
    If I use it as Default - sound is distorted raqndomly, crackles sometimes. But this is the only way to hear multichannels audio.
    Strange thing is, that regardless of what type audio is played - the sound never comes through FXBus 0/1.
    So, setup is this:
    Master Mixer as Default
    FXBus 0/1 - main stereo, 2/3 - front, 4/5 - rear, 6/7 - c/lfe.
    Playing AC3 5.1 stream produce sound in 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7.
    Normal stereo file - sound is only through 2/3.
    The only time I can hear sound out from 0/1 is if this bus is selected as ASIO output.

    Using bus 2/3 as Default device fixes the audio quality problems (but no AC3/DTS multichannel sound).

    My DSP is custom made - k1lt, asio, 4 src's, nouse gate.
    Not tested with default DSP!
  8. Dave_Scream

    Dave_Scream New Member

    Îòâåò: 3551 bugs

    oh noo.. crackling still here in 3551. dunno what to do, im depressed :(

    where the problem can be?? the crackling starts when my pc working for a while... for example now my pc is online for about 5 hours... if i restart, the sound will ok for a while but after few hours crackling start to appear more and more..

    I tryed to record this crackles. here the file: 3551.wma — RGhost — ôàéëîîáìåííèê (rewind a little forward). For recording i used tonal signal in FL Studio -> kx Asio 10/12. And in DSP window I just routed ProFX src 10/12 to K1LT WinnMM recording...

    my soundcard is SB Live! CT4832

    help! where i can found solution ((( please. what should i try to look?

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  9. jaromanda

    jaromanda Active Member

    Forgot to specify in my posts, sound card = SB0350
  10. Ferow2k

    Ferow2k New Member

    Hi!, I'm using a SB0102 with Win 7 x64, and I'm having some minor problems in addition to the known issues.

    When starting windows (or resuming from hibernation) my last DSP configuration is not restored, instead it's reset to the default.
    However, the position of kX Mixer's sliders is saved and restored correctly.

    Also, when starting kX Mixer for the first time after windows startup (clicking an icon I pinned on the taskbar), instead of opening the main kX mixer window, it opens the Peak meter window :confused:. Closing it and clicking it again a few more times brings up kX Mixer.
    Note: I had to recreate the taskbar icon after upgrading because the old shortcut became broken (kxmixer.exe was not found at the old location).

    Both of these were not happening in 3550.

    Edit: I was also not able to load .kx presets by double-clicking them.
    I couldn't restore the file association using windows' built-in control panel applet, however I was able to do it using FileTypesMan (freeware from NirSoft).
    Using this utility I saw that all the .kx? (.kx, .kxl, etc) file associations pointed to c:\windows\system32\kxmixer.exe instead of c:\program files\kx Audio Driver\kxmixer.exe.
    After correcting all these paths, everything worked again.

    Edit 2: The previous issue was also caused by a wrong path: Using regedit I saw that there was a key named kX Mixer in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run". Guess what, it ran: c:\windows\system32\kxmixer.exe --startup. After changing it to Program files, the load of settings at startup was fixed!

    Many thanks for your time (and for this great software!)

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  11. erim

    erim New Member

    After a couple of system restarts now KX mixer no longer starts up. No tray icon, no sound, no error, nothing.
    Then I started KX mixer manually and everything was set to default values.

    Win 7 64. SB Live (SB0060)

    EDIT: today, after starting the PC, there is sound, but no KX icon or any KX process in the Task Manager.
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  12. EditioN

    EditioN New Member

    Look at the post before yours, you have to change key in registry to address to program files instead of system32.


    Win7 X64 4Gb RAM

    Did the registry modification, and the file extension redirection to program files and that is working.

    Other thing i noticed is that "10 band EQ" is not working with "Wave Out HQ", only with SPDIF/AC3 Output, Master Mixer, etc...

  13. korogui

    korogui New Member

    It's not a BUG, if you have an Audigy 2 or newer card, you must use a different sound path (cause it uses a separate chip for HQ Sound). Look at my DSP...


    Notice that if you have 'Swap frontal/rear channels' ticked in KX-Mixer, you should connect your DSP Effects to p16v output pins 7 and 8 instead of 1 and 2.
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  14. erim

    erim New Member

    I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but when I started KXi VSTi in Ableton Live the host -Ableton- crashed.

    BTW, I don't need that VST functionality, it was installed by accident or by a KX bug.
  15. sghpunk

    sghpunk New Member

    Foobar2000, and different output formats.

    Don't even know where to start...
    So. When I use foobar2000 with default output (DS?), i have differen results on differen output sound formats and kx playback buffer size.

    24bit/44100Hz and kx buffer>1008 bytes - causes system hangs (from 1-2 sec to 1-2min, and may start playing after that, and hang time increases with increasing the buffer size.) when start playing or change song, or song position change.
    24bit/44100Hz and kx buffer<1008 bytes - only silence.

    So I can use 24bit/44100Hz with only kx buffer = 1008 bytes.

    24bit/48000Hz and kx buffer = 1008 bytes - causes strange noice (seems like it is jerkiness, but its frequency so high, that it looks like noice) with sound (recorded sound).
    24bit/48000Hz and 8184>kx buffer>1008 - causes jerky sound like above, but jerking decreases with increasing the buffer size.

    So I can use 24bit/48000Hz with only kx buffer >= 8184 bytes.

    With 16bit sound I have no problem I can use 16/44 and 16/48 with kx buffer size>1008 bytes (with buffer = 1008 got little jerkiness on 48kHz).

    I use SB0530 (Audigy 2 ZS notebook).
    WinXP SP3
    What else information you need?

    Sorry for my english. I from Ukraine, so I can explain all this in russian )).
  16. silvertones

    silvertones New Member

    As well as 3551 works on my Win7X64 machine I could not get it working on the XP machine. All I could get was output on the front outs. I reinstalled 3550 and it's fine. ???????? I went back and forth a couple of times with no luck.
  17. silvertones

    silvertones New Member

    OOPS!!! Forgot to check the mixer page. The wav slider was down I never use this page as I do a custom DSP and usually everything is up by default. At least 3550 was & even 3551 on the Win7x64 machine.
  18. sapo_joe

    sapo_joe New Member

    Re: Îòâåò: 3551 bugs

    Mate, try these settings in the buffers config:

    256 kb
    9600 bytes (~10.00ms)
    65536 bytes
    16 buffers
    2048 samples

    With this I got rid of crackling in Master Mixer for good. Watched some intense 5.1 content for hours (~6 hours and didn't restart pc from yesterday til today) and it's still good!

    Hope it fixes stuff for you!
  19. Kanst

    Kanst New Member

  20. Kermet

    Kermet New Member

    AW: 3551 bugs

    Still crackling noise (also with sapo joe's buffer settings) under Win 7 32bit using Master Mixer.
    Also surrounder (bass redirection) not working for stereo sources when speaker configuration set to more speakers than 2.1.

    Using SPIDF as output device I can only get stereo sound from 5.1 sources,
    using WaveHQ 5.1 sound is fine, but surrounder completely not working, so no bass redirection from stereo sources.

    So the great kx drivers are unfortunately still useless under Win 7...

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