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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by CDsDontBurn, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    Haven't had one of these in a while. Post whatcha guys think is hawt, but remember, keep it PG-13. Not everybody here on the forums is allowed to see women in their full beauty :cool:

    it's her smile that attracts me to her in this one.

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  2. OmegaRED

    OmegaRED Relapsed Gamer

    Is this a nature thread cause that's a beautiful humpback whale. :D I kid she's a classic beauty.

    Hmm how about I pick someone less known...Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter because she's cute.

  3. GutterPunk

    GutterPunk I = Greatest Dood

    Need i say more? absolute beauty

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

  5. GutterPunk

    GutterPunk I = Greatest Dood

    what about the clueless girl rawr :D

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    Nice, but she always looked a little too used for my tastes
  7. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator


    I think this is PG-13

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    She looks too much like a model. That plastic and fake look.

    I like women better when they are not wearing make up.
  9. Sandok

    Sandok New Member

    Best so far is the clueless babe... The others are just freakingly horrible imho... :lol:
  10. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    Hey, at least we agree on something :w00t:

    Alicia would look better if she wasn't a blonde lol.
  11. ekinlegend

    ekinlegend New Member


    Couldn't find a better picture, but in the movie Talladega Nights where she was buried under makeup, was stunningly gorgeous.
  12. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    Since no one seems to find my taste here is an example.

  13. Mr cairo

    Mr cairo Require backup .... NO

    is that with the pointy witch's chin and strangly rounded forehead ????

    she is freaky looking .........

    anyways .... alyson hannigan

  14. JohnDoe47

    JohnDoe47 New Member

  15. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    every pic so far pales to Jennifer
  16. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    And Christina

  17. BWX

    BWX flyin' high

    So you like that "manly", "handsome" type woman who needs to shave her unibrow? man.. she must be one of the most masculine looking women on TV that some people still think is hot. *shivers*

    This one makes here look pretty old...

    EDIT- Oh I just saw this pic! man.. same type of chick.


    To me that looks just like a man face... arg...
  18. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    no, jennifer garner has a man face and jaw. I do agree their eyebrows are thicker that what most people think is socially acceptable but they both have beautiful eyes which are better showcased by their eyebrows. I'm an eyes type of guy.

    The second pitcure of Christina does look a but more manly but I couldn't find the pic I was looking for.
  19. Tinkerhell

    Tinkerhell Not all fairies are nice.

    Cairo wins so far with SFOSOK in second.
    Right now Milla Jovovich is the dish de'jour for me.

    I'm also really found of Gwyneth in Great Expectations.
  20. GutterPunk

    GutterPunk I = Greatest Dood

    Agent M from Tsunami Bomb

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