Ageia PhysX 2.4.4 WHQL

Discussion in 'General Graphics Cards Discussion' started by MIG-31, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Download: Softpedia
    -Misc. application-specific optimizations included for City Of Villains
    -Fixed Error in which static shapes were not being re-sync'd to the PPU when their extents were changed.
    -Clean up pair-nodes with PF_NO_CONTACTS when either shape is deleted
    -Use mesh-small-convex routine for mesh v box collisions
    -Fixed some logic bugs in convex-mesh and small-convex-mesh algorithms
    -Made the adaptive sub-step controller run smoother for frames which require no sub-step
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    hmm.....last i checked, the PPU wasn't a gfx card :p.

    but i guess it could go down under "other" lol.

    sorry, don't mind me......i just need to sleep :rofl:

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