Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio Driver for Windows 7

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    I have a Dell Demension 8400 desktop. I just recently installed windows 7 on it and cannot get my audio to work. When windows does its online driver search it automatically downloads a driver and installs it. Well needless to say that my sound still dosnt work. Anyone have any ideas?? I have been trying to find a solution to this problem for about 5 days, Im about to uninstall Windows 7 and go back to xp home. Dell offers drivers but for only xp. I need a driver that supports this sound card (Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio). PLEASE HELP ME!!
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    I am a new member but was intriged (sp) by your problem. I was given a Dell GX280 by one of my Grandsons (Express Services). A Daughter gave me a Windows7 Home Premium OS which I installed on that GX280. Everything worked beautifully EXCEPT the sound was none existent. I searched the Internet and was advised that ADi 198X audio driver would probably work. I downloaded the driver and installed. No luck. I too became frustrated and was thinking about going back to my Tower w/D865PERL motherboard. Long story since I built the PC tower myself.

    Here is how "I" resolved the problem. I wanted to use the Dell given me because of the case design. Press two buttons and it opens up within 10 seconds and compared to my tower case which requires about 10 minutes to get access to internals what with all the Phillips head screws to be removed. So out of disappointment, I was fretting and just logged off the Dell. Immediately logged back on. I did this about three or four times. The last time I heard a single note when the desktop came up. I was intriged so went thru the log off log on process again. That time I heard maybe four dim notes. After two more tries, all of a sudden the sound came on loud and clear and complete. Now the sound problem no longer exists!

    OK, so I know that appears to be mumbo jumbo, but; hey it does not cost you anything and you have nothing to lose trying it.

    Hope you cure your problem. I really have fell in love with the Win7 since I was using Win 2k prior to this month.
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    anyone got it to work? i have a dell precision 470 and the sounddrivers are not for win7

    who are the generic makers of the soundchip and do they have generic drivers?
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    I have just installed this (R145551.EXE) on my GX280, and it works just fine. Dell drivers download :w00t:

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