Anyone know of a program to Remap Gamepad buttons?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Jitter, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Jitter

    Jitter Active Member

    I just picked up the new Madden for PC, and for some reason EA really screwed up the controller config this time. I have a PSX to USB adapter, and I have used it w/ NHL 2005, MVP baseball 2005, NBA 2005, Madden 2005 etc etc w/o any problems. In this years madden if I change a button on defense it changes them on offense, and if i change settings for passing it messes up the settings i had for receiving and rushing. I can not change the actual button numbers from windows control panel w/ the software/driver that came w/ the adapter so I was wondering if there was a program out there that I could do this with. I tried Joytokey , but it doesnt seem to do what I want, plus I am not sure how to use it w/ a dual analog stick.
  2. enough

    enough New Member

    Leave to EA to make life hell for us PC gamers. :sigh:

    Anyways you might have some luck with JoyMap or Joy2Key. I've used both for similar things before and both seem to work. I use JoytoKey for GTA SA when I'm feeling lazy. [​IMG]
  3. Jitter

    Jitter Active Member

    Thanks for the reply, maybe you can help me w/ Joy2Key. I need help figuring which axis is the right analog. I know the left analog is the X/Y axis, but I am not sure if the right analog is considered axis 3/4, 5/6, or slider 1/2.
  4. enough

    enough New Member

    On mine it's Axis 6, but that could depend on the controller. Myself I just experimented until I found out which one controlled it, maybe I just saved you some time. :cool:
  5. rentoner

    rentoner New Member

    Does the Joy2Key allow you to map D-Pad directions to the analog stick and vica versa??

    I'm looking for a program to reverse those two functions for NHL 06. Also, could someone maybe offer to email me the Joy3Key file...that link is now broken??!?
  6. cheese_thief

    cheese_thief New Member

    If you get really advernturous, you can try autohotkey. It can do pretty much anything you want, but it requires you to learn a very simple scripting language. Well worth it, IMO.
  7. Jitter

    Jitter Active Member

    Yes you can map D-pad to analog w/ joytokey I believe. I just got NHL 06 as well, but my PSX to USB works fine for it. Anyways all you would have to do is look in the NHL manual at the keyboard controls and map those how you would want your gamepad.

    For example, the D-PAD by default corresponds to the NUMPAD arrow keys whereas the ANALOG corresponds to the regular arrow keys. In JoytoKey you just need to map the NUMPAD arrows to the ANALOG and the regular arrows to the DPAD.
  8. rentoner

    rentoner New Member

    Awesome. I'll check that out tonight, thanks for the suggestion. I used my XBOX to USB and that was working good (gave me the analog in the position of the D-PAD upper left corner), but I hate the black and white buttons on that controller, and would love 2-4 shoulder buttons instead.

    Am I just hard to please??
  9. rentoner

    rentoner New Member

    Okay Joy2Key looks like it can almost do what I problem though. I can't find anything to work for the D-PAD on my controller. No matter what i assign to all the axis and keys, the D-PAD does not work...does anyone know how to get the analog left and the D-PAD programed in Joy2Key??

  10. rentoner

    rentoner New Member

    I guess I should clarify...the Left Analog is Axis 0 <, > etc. But no matter what I assign to all the other available axis and buttons...nothing seems to map to the D-PAD. Does anyone know how to assign the D-PAD at the same TIME as the Left Analog to seperate keys?

    Much appreciated.

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