"ASIO driver is in use by another application"

Discussion in 'ASIO' started by Majken, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. Majken

    Majken New Member

    "ASIO driver is in use by another application"

    Is what it says when i try running reaktor using the ASIO driver, i never had this problem before i installed the kxdrivers for my Audigy EX.. My guesses would be that there could be some creative drivers still in the registry and system folders.. If so, how do i remove them? If not, how do i fix this error?.. I tried running Cubase SX and that works just fine with ASIO.. Any help would be extremely appreciated..

    /Majken :confused:
  2. kato

    kato New Member

    Is Cubase running at the same time?

    Maqybe select "release ASIO driver in background" under Devices - Device setup - vst multitrack...

    just a guess

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