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Discussion in 'ASIO' started by Lord Matthews, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Lord Matthews

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    I have just got my new computer right. Since I have 64-bit Athlon X2, I installed Windows XP 64-bit edition on it, too. My motherboard, as it seems, has a not-very-bad soundcard in itself, but it doesn't have any ASIO driver, which I need for VST plugins, Adobe Audition and so on.
    Is there any version of ASIO4All or Kx Project for 64-bit systems? And if not, what do I do?
  2. Maddogg6

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    no 64 bit kX - nor is it likely...

    ASIO4ALL?? - I could only speculate as they do not say on their website. (tho, I have doubts for anything anytime soon)

    Also - for clarity - kX only works with a list of supported sound cards..
    kX Project: Knowledgebase: kX Soundblaster Compatibility List
    No mobo sound support with kX... sorry.

    get rid of win64... especially if using consumer grade audio devices. A pro card may have reliable 64 bit drivers, but CL/SB I hear has a lot of problems with 64 bit drivers.. ??
  3. Lord Matthews

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    Shit. Ok, hope I'll get a professional soundcard soon enough (wouldn't want to uninstall OS)
  4. aaslun

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    The latest kX driver v. 3550 has support for 64-bit Windows. I'm running it right now and the driver works perfectly on my AMD Phenom 4x 64-bit in Windows 7 (64-bit)! There is another big issue with the ASIO though. It won't show up as available Audio Device in Stenberg Cubase 5 no matter what i do! I've tried to install ASIO4All and it works (gets 11,3 ms in latency, and that's unacceptably high).
    I've tried to use regsvr32.exe to register kxasio.dll and it registers fine, but still doesn't show up in Cubase 5.
    Please help me solve this! Any input is much appreciated!
  5. thomasabarnes

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    First off, you are replying to a thread that was started in early 2008. Back then many of us kX users were sure kX would not support 64 bit versions of windows. The old saying: "never say never" came back an bit a number of us in the butt, as we all see that the kX Project Audio Driver is now compatible with 64 bit versions of Win Vista and Win 7.

    Thank goodness, Eugene encountered relations with a company that was willing to pay for the MS WHQL certification so that kX could have a windows x64 signed driver, and credit for this is in no small part due to Eugene for writing the 64 bit kX ASIO driver! In other words, credit in huge part is due to Eugene for writing the native 64 bit kX ASIO driver!

    Secondly, the kX Project audio driver is a native 64 bit ASIO driver, which means you have to run a native 64 bit program in order to use it. Are you running the 64 bit version of Cubase?
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  6. aaslun

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    OMG! Firstly, I would in no way claim to Eugene has done a bad job! Did it appear as if I was dissatisfied with his work? If so, I apologize. Eugene has surpassed anything I had ever thought possible on the self-written drivers for sound cards. He's a genious.

    Secondly, I am now aware that 64-bit ASIO is only compatible with 64-bit applications. This was not the case when I wrote the previous post. I may not, however, get access to the ASIO control panel in Windows. Not even when I right-click on the kX Project tray icon > settings > ASIO control panel. I wonder if I (not Eugene) could have done something wrong when I installed and configured the 3550 drivers?

    Thirdly, yes, I bumped a two year old thread, hoping to get help to solve my problem. Better to throw out many hooks hoping to get to people.
  7. thomasabarnes

    thomasabarnes Long Time ***** Friend

    I was merely replying to your post which included a comment from Maddogg which reflected that he didn't think a kX 64 bit driver would be likely. You didn't appear to be unappreciative towards Eugene's work.

    As for you not being able to access the kX ASIO control panel from the system tray, I was sure this is possible, but I no longer have a kX compatible card installed, so I can't check. Did you try re-installing the driver?

    Also, are you able to run a 64 bit version of Cubase, so you can use the kX 64 bit ASIO driver?
  8. Venom33

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    Îòâåò: ASIO for 64-bit Windows

    Hi every one, just register to say that I found the solution for win7x64 must register dll with following command:

    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\kX Audio Driver\3550\kxasio.dll"

    IMPORTANT: This must be done from an elevated command prompt. <--- (click to know how)

    I tested it with Guitar Rig 4 Standalone and VST with Ableton Live 8.1
    Thats all! Enjoy your ASIO ;)
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  9. Jani-

    Jani- New Member

    I'm running 64-bit Windows 7. I wonder if I could be able to access ASIO from 32-bit software by registering the 32-bit dll too?

    EDIT: Well, WASAPI works.
    EDIT2: Well, at least the driver appeared. Let's see if it bsods when I try to run something thru it :p
    EDIT3: Ah, yeah, "Additional info: Initializing ASIO driver failed"
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  11. nakamichi

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    Latest info:

    v3551 is going to be HUGE :)

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