ATI Catalyst™ 8.12 Display Driver for Windows XP

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    Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System
    This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI
    Catalyst™ Software Suite for Windows XP. These include:​

    • Using an HDMI cable to connect an ATI All-in-Wonder to a Yamaha receiver may result in the display resolution being limited to 1280x1024 and audio failing to function

    • Catalyst Control Center, some of the 3D settings are not displayed on ATI Radeon HD 4870 adapters​

    • The operating system may fail to start after installing the display driver with some configurations of "Crosfire" with Radeon X1900 Series devices

    • The operating system may intermittently fail when exiting Test Drive Unlimited after extensive game play

    • Dual display, playing multiple video files on each monitor may cause the system to stop responding

    • City of Villains: Attempting to launch the game on a system running Windows XP and containing either two ATI Radeon HD 38x0 or 46x0 product may result in the game failing to load and the operating system failing to respond
    • Some OpenGL applications may cause the OS to stop responding on some ATI Radeon HD 45xx adapters​

    • On some configurations, the display driver may stop responding when resolution is set to 2048x1536 with 8X Anti-Alias and Edge Detect filter enabled

    • Exiting some games may intermittently cause the following error message when 8X anti-alias edge detection is enabled: "Display Driver stopped working"

    • Hot unplugging a HDMI connection during video playback may cause systeminstability

    • Catalyst Control Center: Enabling pulldown setting may not work on all video formats

    • Systems configured with Overlay Theater Mode enabled may intermittently become unresponsive after playing video

    • Catalyst Control Center, setting the de-noise slider does not affect the quality of progressive video content

    • Intermittent flickering may be noticed on the TV out display when playing a DVD using Cyberlink PowerDVD

    Known Issues Under the Windows XP Operating System

    The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced

    under the Windows XP operating system in the latest version of Catalyst™. These
    • Catalyst Control Center, the deinterlacing option under AVIVO video is not
    available after returning from VPU recovery
    • Video corruption may be noticed during certain MPEG-2 file playback
    • Playing some Blu-ray HD titles on multi head displays may cause the system
    to stop responding
    • Previous transcoders may cause the ATI AVIVO Video Converter to not use
    the GPU for trancodiing
    • Transcoding multiple times may cause the ATI AVIVO Converter to not use​

    the GPU​

    Download: 8.12 32 Bit / 8.12 64 Bit
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  2. Chaos

    Chaos Number Nine

    I am getting an error trying to install this set. After files extract I get only runs in administrative mode setup will end. I have tried using run as and using the admin account but get the same error

    XP SP3 32bit

    I was able to manually update them through Device Manager
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  3. Peter Board

    Peter Board New Member

    I am also experiencing the same issue with 8.12. I have Windows XP SP3 and an ATI Mobility Radeon 9600. The package installer complains I am not in administrator mode and doesn't install. I am running as a local administrator account.
  4. petri1

    petri1 New Member

    i had no problems installing these and i have seen around the net many have problems installing.

    if so many have these problems why don some have that?

    wonder what the difference is between those with no problems and those tha have?

    great set none the less
  5. Peter Board

    Peter Board New Member

    I have only had this problem with the Ati Mobility version of 8.12. I was able to work around it like the other guy, going into device manager - manually installing the driver and then running the Catalyst control center installer.

    On my desktop machine, with an Ati HD 2600 pro, I had no issue installing under Windows XP SP3 (Media Center Edition 2005). So its only on my laptop, using XP Professional SP3, using the Ati mobility version of 8.12 (you initially download a little download tool, that then downloads a driver from ATI with this tool and launches the install after completion).
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  6. trapezoid

    trapezoid New Member

    Upgraded - went through flawlessly.
  7. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    I've noticed one thing since installing this driver. If I scroll to quickly in EI7 I get a VPU recovery. Really don't know what's causing this. It's happened a few times. Only seems to happen with IE7 as well, I've tried to duplicate with FF but it just doesn't happen.

    Though, whenever I have a VPU recovery it all goes back to normal again, not like when it happened with an older driver and I got only an 8-bit display back with lots of banding and had to reboot to fix.
  8. sterben

    sterben New Member

    Might be a bug, your Vista is updated correct?
  9. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    I have XP Sp3, not Vista and yes, it's updated. I'm almost positive that it's a driver issue since it didn't happen with the last 3 sets of drivers at least.
  10. petri1

    petri1 New Member

    yhis driver set is very buggy people with vista 64 have had huge problems

    some error43

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