ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 driver for vista

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by zhuanyi, May 4, 2007.

  1. zhuanyi

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    i have recently installed windows vista on my laptop (IBM T42), everything else works perfect besides that officially ATI does not support Mobility radeon 7500 card anymore. I understand that officially, there is no way I can get anything better than the "default VGA video card" driver for my video card, but is there any "unofficial" way I could enable things like Aero and Joost (which, surprisingly, I was not able of running)? Thanks a lot!
    I tried the modder tool but it did not work and it told me that the supported video card could not be found...

  2. Judas

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    Try this:

    when your selecting the video card, try the 7000's series (i'm not completely sure which one is available in vista, but probably the one that matches the one you got now the closest, force the install and see how things go, if it don't work, at least that options been tried.

    alternatively, try download the latest windows XP driver that supports your product
  3. zhuanyi

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    Thanks, I shall try and let you know how everything goes.

  4. zhuanyi

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    I tried to use XP Driver, but it is giving me a bluescreen whenever I tried to run programs like Joost...the msg on the bluescreen says:
    and the offending module is ati3duag.DLL.
    Could you help me with that?
    also, because I am running on Windows Vista business edition, there is no driver for ATI 7xxx or 9xxx card, could you please send me a copy of the driver software if you have them? Thanks a lot!
  5. Judas

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    if ATI is listed in the hardware section..... the drivers available should be no different then any other copy of vista..

    unfortuneatly there was a good chance that this wasn't going to work.

    and that you may be better off with windows xp on that machine.
  6. zhuanyi

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    I got it to work using ATI Radeon 9000 driver in vista...thanks for your help anyways :)
  7. Judas

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    how'd you manage that.. i didn't think that would be even remotely possible.
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    I have the same card, and I still have no Aero support with the radeon 9000 driver. Im not too surprised, but I was wondering if you got Aero to work, and if so, how?
  10. Judas

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    there will be absalutely no way to get aero working atm, the minimum requirements for aero is pixel shader 2.0 support, no card below radeon 9500 supports that.
  11. bp13

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    Download The Vista Driver With OpenGl and all acceleration and no bluescreens here: Mobilty Radeon 7500 Vista Driver |

    Go to control panel > system > device manager > rigt click on your current
    display driver (defualt Standard VGA) and click update driver > browse my
    computer for driver software > then browse to the directory and click
    include subfolders it will search and install the driver. This driver
    supports Opengl direct 3D hardware acceleration. It supports aditional
    textures. These drivers are very close to omega drivers quaulity. And there
    is no Blescreens ever.


    -Tested on a dell latitude c640
    -The Catlyst Contol Center has been cut out to save space
    -The ATI control panel has been added instead,in the at control panel folder
    -This Driver Was Found on driver scanner 2009

    ©2008 Friday November 28 2008
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