ati mobility radeon 9000 windows 7 driver!!

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by ali181124, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. ali181124

    ali181124 New Member

    help. i have a ibm thinkpad t41 notebook, and i just installed windows 7, but the only driver i cant install is the video driver. i cant find one thats made for or hacked/modded for windows 7.. right now theres the vga something display driver installed but i cant play games or anything.. please help! :sigh:
  2. kris23

    kris23 Going Insane.....

    that GPU hasnt been supported by ATi for years..... its pretty dead.... you may want to get the Windows XP drivers and have windows 7 try to look for usable drivers in the folder but its not looking good.....

    sorry man, that system was just not meant to run windows 7, even vista is a longshot...
  3. ali181124

    ali181124 New Member

    damn, that sux.. well thanks anyways.
  4. Yuiop

    Yuiop New Member

    I have been running Windows 7 without issue on a T42 for nearly 12 months now, and I have the same driver issue for the video card. I have read of a person successfully installing a ATi driver on T42 vista with result being extended desktop and Aero.

    I really would only like to have extended desktop like I had with this PC on XP.

    I am still believing it is possible, anyone have any further suggestions to install a driver solution?
  5. Yuiop

    Yuiop New Member

    I actually found the solution i have been looking for for quite a while on another board. This driver gives extended desktop and higher resolution capability for T42, probaly will work also on t41 with Windows 7.

    Download this modded driver...
    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    Extract the driver file to a C drive location
    Then open Device Manger
    Right click on your Display Driver choose Update Display Driver
    Choose Browse My Computer for Driver Software
    Via the Browse button, locate the extract driver folder and selct
    Windows 7 will automatically find and install the driver

    After installation go to Screen Resolution and you will see that it has been updated
    Reboot manually to complete installation; after which you will be able to extend desktop and watch MKV video files etc.....

    Enjoy!! :)
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  6. kikowich

    kikowich New Member

    Thanks mate, your a life saver! I register on driverheaven just to post this thank you!
  7. alextwy

    alextwy New Member

    im also looking for 9200 driver for win7
  8. deluze

    deluze New Member

    Very old tread, sorry but somebody can repost this driver please? I search a lot for this modded driver and whitout success..... :( Please help me. Thank you for your time! :)
  9. deluze

    deluze New Member

  10. dgmyers

    dgmyers New Member

    Forget my demand, if you want a radeon mobility driver for WIN7: Follow this link: Tested, work very well

    FYI, I tried to download but no luck. Any idea what I'm doing wrong. I need this driver for Windows 7. My Dell Inspirion 8600 is confused. It's aspect is reversed.
  11. MrWareWolf

    MrWareWolf New Member

    I installed the "omega" 3rd party drivers from XP, using compatibility mode.. Rebooting now to see if that helped.. version 4.8.442

    I just want multi monitor support again, if XP can do it, so can 7..

    GOT MIRRORED screen now!! Thats better, now if I can make my desk 'extended' we're in business..

    Win 7 says "ATI Control panel has compatibility issues... search online for solution??" sure, but it won't find a solution.. haha

    NOW I can extend my desk to two monitors.. and it seems to work ok.. just like it always did before.. yeha!!

    Find the omega drivers at omegadrivers-dot-net
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  12. netb277

    netb277 New Member

    Hello, my first post here, just registered to share with you this video
    It helped me install my ATI Radeon 9250 agp video card drivers on windows 7 and everything worked fine. Maybe it will also help someone else.

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